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3 Things To Get You Started in Discovering Purpose

In my previous post, I talked generally about discovering your life’s purpose, where I highlighted that discovering purpose is primarily by an inward witness, I believe, is how most people come to a realization of their life’s calling. However, it is possible to stumble on your purpose, where you find yourself already fulfilling your purpose without any conscious effort.

There seems to be a lot of difficulty with people in discovering their purpose in life. My encouragement to you is to not get overwhelmed. God is more interested in you fulfilling purpose than you are in discovering your purpose. You just have to make up your mind that you will live life purposefully. Once this decision is set in your heart, then pay attention to the inklings of your heart and carry on with life with a sense of expectancy.

Purposeful living should be the goal of everyone. However it is important to note that everything concerning your purpose is typically not revealed all at once. The unfolding of your purpose is like a journey through life that unfolds in time and with experience and diligence in the use of your innate abilities. These three things are a starting point in discovering your life’s purpose:

1. Pay attention to your unique attributes, gifting, and talents. What plight in your world catches your attention and grieves you the most? What do you do with your time and resources (mental, material, and physical) that brings you great joy?

2. What can you do for little or no pay with much joy?  Your life’s calling is something you can do for little or no pay. As you pay attention to these things, you will be getting a glimpse of what your purpose is. I still urge you to commit yourself to ask God concerning your purpose, and then look within to see what He will say.

3. What do you do that brings you fulfillment while it greatly empowers others? Are you being selfless, or is what you are doing about what you seek to achieve? If you are frustrated about what you are doing now and are consumed with yourself and only your activities, it is likely you may be doing the wrong thing because you are out of purpose. Whichever the case may be, you need to discern the Creator’s intent for you at this moment in time.

Examine this thought: you cannot plant a mango seed and expect it to grow as an orange tree. If you plant some corn seeds and nurture it like you would rice, it will still grow as corn. As a matter of fact, it may not grow too well because a different technique may be needed for cultivating each seed. Likewise, your purpose, which is a seed, can’t be changed because you have a strong desire for something flamboyant or attractive. Nurturing a career path or a prestigious profession won’t cause it to be changed to your purpose. Look within so you can unlock the purpose in you, and begin to diligently work it out. Your success in life comes as you preoccupy yourself with the fulfillment of purpose.

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