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The Secrets of Greatness

Inside each one of us is a seed of greatness. There is a light that you carry which you should shine to liberate the world from confusion and chaos. Many live below their full potential because they are unaware that they carry this light within. My charge to you is to wake up! Come to the consciousness of who you really are. Let the seed of purpose (that seed of greatness in life, and light within you) find expression.

As 2012 winds down, many are looking into the new year and are beginning to plan and write down new year’s resolutions. But as you do so, remember that there are still 19 days in December to make a difference and meaningful impact. Your life ought to be constantly progressing (promotion to greatness) because the essence of life is growth. You should be growing in physical health, wisdom, social authority, and spiritually.

Let your focus be on making your light shine. Here are a few things that will be a solid foundation for you to build on, and cause you to stand out as you move into the new year:

1. Pursue growth in purpose. The seed of purpose in you is your seed of greatness. You are expected to nurture it and cultivate it until it begins to make relevant impact in the lives of people. Purpose is the life you are called to live; there are no limits to all you can do when you live purposefully. I define success as the measure to which you fulfill your purpose in life. You can discover purpose when your passion finds direction from God. For you to be world class in the area of your purpose, make a commitment of forty hours a week for the next five years in in gaining wisdom, experience and improving in skill. I set the bar high for you, maybe you can’t do forty hours a week because you work forty hours on a job, but can you do twenty hours  a week? That’s just a commitment of four hours a day to build on your skills, read a book, invest in yourself, and grown in the area of your purpose.

2. Have an attitude of excellence. To be excellent is to seek to deliver above and beyond what is required of you. For you to stand out in life you must differentiate yourself from the average Joe/Jane out there. The average person will put in average efforts and will get only average rewards. A person of excellence will put in above average efforts to deliver above average results, and it only follows by law that such a person will receive above average rewards. Average is mediocre, so choose excellence!

3. Be of impeccable character. Character is the foundation of all true success. As you begin to stand out in life, there will be opportunities for you to slip and fall, but having a strength of character keeps you secure. The scandals we read about in the media reveal to us how people can lose multi-million dollar endorsements because of a character fault. For you to really shine as light, you cannot compare yourself by the standards of everyone else. You must live different from everyone else to be different from everyone else. Identify areas in which you have  a character weakness, and make a commitment to strengthen yourself in those areas.

4. Be of strong faith. The area of your purpose is the area in which you are graced. There are certain skills, and abilities that are available to you for you to fulfill your purpose. In these areas, you are much better than the average person. This is not to say that you wont encounter challenges; you definitely will, but you need strong faith to overcome. There are situations that will challenge you but with strong faith and determination, you can and will overcome. Always remember that there is nothing impossible to the one who believes.

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  • Mrs Olaniyonu

    December 12, 12 2012 11:28:17

    I came across your site …and i most commend you for your motivational efforts..This year i have tried to read books about Life transformation…but i still can’t find the strength to overcome Procastinating and Giving up…I can’t handle challenges/risk..I give up easily..But, i’m hopeful that with prayers and my new positive attitude, things would turn out well…

    • Moyo Mamora

      December 12, 12 2012 08:44:54

      Many timesm the lack of motivation has a lot to do with attitude and perception of what we are faced with. Ultimately inspiration is from God, but we can only receive from God to the degree we expect from Him. Take a look at this article, I, sure it’ll help you http://www.bellanaija.com/2012/12/07/think-big-hit-it-big/
      I’ll be expecting To hear from you again.

  • tcavey

    December 12, 12 2012 03:58:46

    “For you to really shine as light, you cannot compare yourself by the standards of everyone else”

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