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How To Get Through Life’s Difficult And Dark Moments

difficult moments shall passIn this life we would go through difficult times as we pursue various things in search of fulfillment. These seasons of drought are either because of our own choices, or by virtue of the fact that we live in this world.

We hear of people’s success stories, but very few biographies tell us the difficulties faced. Motivational material is good, and useful. But as you go through motivational material, always remember that a huge part of success is the resolve to go through the darkest moments on the path to success. Motivation jerks you and gets you going, but a strong resolve, personal discipline and the right attitude are required to go through tough moments and come out winning.

It will do you some good to search out stories of women and men who have succeeded and pay attention to the stories of their failures. Spend extra time trying to find out details of their struggles and gain insight into their attitude and mindset in these times. Because through these you gain insight into their hearts and minds, and through this you develop a vocabulary of success and an image of what it takes to go through dark times.

Here are a few things to remember which will help you get through what you are going through.

1. The situation you are going through can be for good

As you journey through life, you must learn that no experience should be wasted. There is always a lesson to your benefit that can be learned from each good and trying experience. Trials in our lives may be useful to protect us from our zeal, direct us on  better path towards the fulfillment of our purpose. They can also be growth opportunities for our character and skills.

Whatever the case may be, always learn to use what you are going through as an opportunity to build your confidence in God and your innate abilities. Whatever is in your heart and whatever has been written in Scriptures concerning your situation will play out as you put confidence in the Scriptures.

2. Refuse to buy into your fears

Your fears are always present, whispering to you the woes of failure, but you must resist the urge to buy into them. Fear cripples. Perhaps you’ve heard it often said that courage is not the absence of fear, rather courageous people have learned to acknowledge the fear and take action in spite of.

Worry is the juice that fuels your fears, and it is worthless. It does not change the past, and it has no impact on the future. To deal with fear, you must challenge it head on. Come to terms with the fact that there are certain things that you can’t do anything about, but you have control over the things that pertain to you. You may not be able to control the weather as you journey to your destination, but you have power over the clothes you wear, your attitude, and how you choose to get there. The journey towards success and the fulfillment of purpose is very similar.

3. Choose optimism

Optimism is about your outlook in the midst of the situation. People who choose a positive and optimistic view when going through difficult moments are much more likely to recognize opportunities that arise in the midst of it all. The late Norman Vincent Peale once asked a doctor what he thought were the physiological advantages of optimism over depression. His answer was: “Depression in the mind increases the possibility of infection by at least tenfold.”

There is always an ounce of hope within every dark moment, and those who focus on the gleam of light in the midst of darkness will eventually see their world brighten up. The night never lasts forever, and with the rising of the sun always comes the joy of a new day.

4. People around you are valuable

There is a tendency to isolate oneself when things are looking bad around you, but there is power in relationships. We were created to be relational beings, the moment we start isolating ourselves from others we set ourselves up for depression. Learn to leverage relationships around you. Not everybody needs to know your darkest moments, but there are a trusted few who you know have your best interest at heart to listen, guide you, be with you, counsel you, inspire you etc.

5. Grow in faith

Every difficulty in life presents an opportunity to grow in faith. Faith is the confidence that moves one to act based on what God’s word has said. The more of the Scriptures we have in our heart, the stronger we are in faith. Every human condition has been addressed in the Bible, find out what the Bible says and stand on it. The strength of your faith is seen in the size of the battle you overcome. With each victory of faith, you are better equipped to deal with the next challenge you face in life.


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    December 27, 12 2013 07:29:32

    Much needed words of wisdom, thank you!

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      January 09, 01 2014 08:24:44

      Thanks Temi!

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