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Working the Principles of Success: A Testimonial

successful ladyI got a message from someone who had read my post Know Yourself to Grow Yourself. She said the ideas shared in the blog post resonated deep within her, and she went on to share her story of success.

Her story was very inspiring and had the underpinnings of the principles I typically share in my blog posts to enable people maximize their potentials.

Here’s her success story in her own words below:

I read Pharmacy in UNILAG (University of Lagos) and what I wanted to do when I finished was get a graduate degree in one of the best unis in the world… Alas, it was not possible because my parents could not afford it! But i did not give up

1. I identified what i really wanted to do
2. I worked on developing myself- during that time i made little or no money and was “mocked” by a lot of people
3. I met people, Nigerians who had done the things i wanted to do…i actually looked for them and contacted them.
4. I spent time looking at scholarships, admission procedures, preparing for standardized tests etc
5. Then I applied

This took me about 5 years! However, at the end, I did get what I dreamed of! I got a fully funded offer to study at the University of Oxford- a school that i really did not even think i was qualified for, a school that my I could never ever afford to go to!

so now i tell people to DARE TO DREAM! many people have big dreams but are afraid of their dreams.

Thanks for inspiring people Moyo
Best wishes

I urge you to pay attention to the things she shared which got her to where she wanted to be in life. At the foundation of it all was her faith in God:

1. Identify and clarify the goal

2. Develop yourself

3. Get in the company of people who are already doing what you want

4. Diligently work towards the goal

5. Take action

6. Patience and persistence (it took 5 years for it to become a reality)

These principles will work for anyone who works them, but can you remain consistent? See my post on attaining your life goals.

I went on to ask her if she had any other success stories to share, and of course she did. In this second story the lesson here was that as you grow into your vision, your dreams become bigger, so don’t settle for less.

It is one thing to read principles, it is another to be a living “principle”…lol.

Let me share one other story…One of my principles is that nothing, really is impossible…and sometimes as Christians when things do not happen when we want them to it is because at that time, God did not want us to have it. Because my dream was to go to the best schools for grad school, I wanted to get a good job! A high flying well paid job so i could save and pay my way to school (My parents do not have much and they had already given me the best they could).

Unfortunately, I was not getting those jobs! I got really frustrated Moyo, but I kept on! I would feel really bad when my friends who i am better qualified than get the good jobs cause they had influential people! In all this, my eye was still on the goal! now, I heard from Oxford in April 2012 and guess what?

In July 2012, I got a call to resume at my “dream” job of many Nigerian graduates- i had applied for the dream job in 2010, done the aptitude test and interviews in 2011.. In fact I had assumed that as usual the “influential” people had gotten the jobs!!

Now i was faced with two choices- My dream School vs Nigerian dream job!I was under so much pressure from everywhere! everyone had an opinion on what i should do! These were the comments I got “Forget the masters, you have a job””People do masters to get a job, you have a job now you can save for the masters and go later””There is economic crisis everywhere, why go to school?”

I just laughed in my mind at all the comments! Yes, what I called my dream job is a great place to work… but Oxford is great platform! I made my decision and honestly, I have no regrets whatsoever.

Lessons I learnt here:

1. By the time i got my “dream” job- my dream was now bigger- it was not my dream anymore

2. People will try to sway you from your dream- other interesting things may come up- but you should stay true to your dreams

3. looking back, maybe if i had gotten the job back in 2011, i may have lost focus on my own dream- at the end God’s will prevailed

Friends, what is it you’re working towards? Always remember that on the road to success, there will be obstacles, but you must never give up! Keep the vision clear, diligently work towards it, and remain patient and persistent. There is no substitute for patience and persistence, it is essential in developing our character for success.

Did this inspire you? If you have stories to share, send me a message here http://moyomamora.com/contact

PS: I’ll invite you to check out my new mini book, Power Points for Success.



  • Remi

    February 22, 02 2013 10:45:49

    ..I can relate to this story..I lost focus of my dream of becoming a Medical Doctor after failing my Pre-med. examinations…I gave up so easily; because i felt i tried my best to study hard and if that was not enough,then maybe being a Doctor wasn’t meant for me.
    I decided to walk out on my studies and left Nigeria for UK….It’s almost 10 years now, and i’m yet to get over this dream…i don’t feel fulfilled,i’m married now with kids. I have tried to follow another career path to no avail…I still want to be a doctor…I wish i did things differently back then.

    I am now making preparations on going back to University in pursuit of my dream..so help me GOD..This is an inspiration for me ..Thanks

  • eyenefik

    February 22, 02 2013 01:15:22

    Hi Remi,

    If your dream is to be a medical doctor, then, BY ALL MEANS, go for it! I actually know a woman who decided to read medicine after having four children! She did it and today she is a doctor! You can do it Remi. Believe in your dreams and you will make it!

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