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Be Positive!

As I watch and ponder different things in my life and surroundings, one of the things that is blatantly clear is the fact that the default state of everything is towards mediocrity and destruction. If you don’t use something it goes bad.  If you do nothing about your life and health, then you easily become unhealthy. If you don’t pay attention to your cognitive development, then you become slower. If you do nothing about your personal development, you will find yourself lagging.

In essence stagnancy in life really equals backwardness. Everything will move forward and if you do nothing then you will be regressing in life. In all actuality if you actually want to maintain a current status-quo, then you have to be deliberate about it. Normalcy requires deliberate actions. But why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary? To be extraordinary requires that you put in more effort than what is required of you.

Likewise, it is very easy for you to be negative about your life. I’ve come to see that negative people are sour. They are a trigger for depression and a life that sucks. You want to avoid negative people at all cost if you must succeed. Not only that you also must ensure that you are not being negative.

Some people have the illusion that it really doesn’t make a difference whether you are positive or negative, and many people who are negative just believe they are telling the situation as it is and being realistic about potential outcomes. But the truth is that we can either see the glass half empty or half full. Our perspective on life affects our quality of life.

Rather than live in a constant state of fear, anxiety and unhappiness by having a normal (negative life), I would rather be positive, look for and expect the best possible outcome and be happy. If the unexpected happens, I will pick myself back up and keep moving forward in life. Being positive means choosing an outlook that everything in life is working for my benefit which makes for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Why be negative when you can be positive? It’s ultimately your choice!




  • tcavey

    July 16, 07 2013 02:55:51

    I visited my hometown this past weekend. It was the first time I’d been back there in 5 years. It was nice to see that some things were the same but sad to see how others had changed.
    I saw a house one of my favorite teachers used to live in. It was run down and old. Now she no longer lives there, but it was still sad to see it going into decay.

    You’re right, things naturally decline. We have to work to keep moving forward.

    • Moyo Mamora

      July 18, 07 2013 10:16:57

      Thanks for adding 🙂

  • Ada

    August 17, 08 2013 05:49:39

    Agreed. If you want a positive life you have to create a positive environment for yourself first; mentally and physically. You must choose to think positive thoughts over the negative ones and you must choose to surround yourself with positive people over negative people.

    • Moyo Mamora

      August 29, 08 2013 10:46:14

      Very true! Thanks for adding…

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