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BN| How To Find True Love

I recently published a post on Bella Naija site on finding true love. Having discussed with a few people who have had successful working relationships, and from what I know from God’s Word about what love really is, I was able to jot down some fundamental principles of love.

So is there really such a thing as true love? Or is it just a fantasy in the minds of people that has been sold to us by the media? Is true love something you”find” or is it something that evolves from a conscious decision that you’ve made? Well find out here Moyo Mamora on Finding True Love.

Someone actually posted this comment, “Sorry to say, no such thing as love. Just respect yourself and your spouse. Goodluck”. Whoa! What do you think?

Anyway, While you’re reading the post on true love, you might also want to check out this post on Identifying a Real Man.

Let me know your thoughts on this, and share your agreements, or disagreements on finding true love!




  • Kemi

    March 14, 03 2013 04:08:56

    Hi Moyo, great piece! Love indeed can never be a feeling, I couldnt agree more with your views. We need to sound this in the ears of our young people before they make the all important plunge into marriage. You have actually given me an idea for what to discuss with my youth group at our next meeting and honestly if you find yourself anywhere in London in the next couple of months or so I would be thrilled to have you come speak to them! Just name your price…lol

    Thank you for doing this and God bless you loads.

    And btw..the comment you referred to was left by a guy who calls himself madman..i really think you should pay it no mind!

    • Moyo Mamora

      March 15, 03 2013 02:44:43

      Hahaha! Thanks for your comment. I’ll let you know when I’m in the UK 🙂

  • Tonya Jackson

    March 15, 03 2013 02:16:18

    Yes True love exists!

    I never knew what it really felt like until I started getting serious about my walk with the father! I am truly in love with Jesus.

    This is what I have learned along the way thus far in my life time. You can tell an apple tree by its fruit. I think If we boast Gods word in our heart that we will love God first, ourselves & family, friends “neighbors”. Life experience is “teaching” me that if we show love to others this is true love. Romantically speaking I believe that if the feeling is mutual then two people can begin the slower process of cleaving to one another. I believe in true love therefore I declare and decree and I am thanking God right now in Jesus name for sending me a man that defines this type of relationship! I will email you when I meet him 🙂

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