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Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Discovering  Purpose

You have a unique purpose, and believing otherwise doesn’t change this truth. In the same way, not believing there is a force called gravity doesn’t change its existence. Acknowledging that you have a purpose will put you in a better position to discover your purpose. Your purpose cannot be invented or chosen based on your career. It must be discovered from within. It was placed in you by the Creator, so it follows that in order for you to discover your purpose, you have to pay attention to the workings of God in you.

Mankind was created to live in control of the world around. There is an area in this earth system where he or she is to exercise dominion. Your sphere of influence is your world; it is simply your immediate surroundings. Your world also represents the people you come into contact with each day. It includes the experiences that you get caught up in day by day. True exercise of power in your sphere of influence, is only possible through understanding one’s purpose. It is purpose, which is also the seed of dominion on the inside of every man, that makes a person feel the need for greatness.

For example, people with musical gifts would feel the need to be recognized in the area of their calling―music. Such people would desire to touch as many people as possible with their gifts. For this to happen, they would have to develop their gifts to the point where they become a leading icon in the music industry. This is dominion—ruling in the area of your calling. The purpose of dominion is not to be a tyrant or to be oppressive; rather, it is to be a blessing to people. Influence that comes through effective delivery of purpose will empower others and bring delight to your world. This is why you must discover your purpose.

It is important to put in perspective the fact that the expression of your purpose should bring a foretaste of heaven’s goodness upon the earth and point your world to God. It was given by God, and it should be centered on Him. This is important because there are many people who have discovered purpose who are so quick to merchandise their purpose. In the name of serving humanity, they are self-serving, ambitiously looking for ways to keep their names in the limelight and keep the focus on themselves. Purpose yearns for greatness, but self-gratification should never be the motive driving you toward greatness.

If you have ever stopped to think that you should be doing more than what you are currently doing in life or said to yourself, “My life should be making a major impact in a certain area,” you are in agreement with the seed principle of purpose within. It is the seed of dominion (or destiny, as some may call it) on the inside of you beckoning.  It is a call to purpose and not to ambition for self-glorification. It is a call to serve and not a call to be served. It is a call to point society to God and not to you.

Discovery of purpose is a search for your own greatness. It happens first through an inward witness―a tugging of the spirit, a signal deep within that points you in a certain direction. It is an inward knowing where you just know exactly what you need to be doing in a particular season. In a moment of quietness and stillness, when you’re not caught up in so much of the day’s activities, have you ever sensed deep within you—a call to greatness? It’s a bell that rings on the inside of you, calling you to something that is beyond you. You think about the world around you and feel an urge to do something that will empower people in your world to lead a better quality of life. This sense of calling is a pointer to your purpose. Your drive is not monetary and neither is it fame but simply a selfless desire to see improvement in a certain area or provide the best value based on your resources and abilities in the world around you.

I will illustrate with the Biblical story of Moses in highlighting the discovery of purpose. Moses was a man greatly used by God in the Old Testament to deliver His people, the Israelites, from the bondage of the Egyptians. However, Moses’ story didn’t start out this way. He was a prince of Egypt, trained in the philosophy and in the wisdom of the Egyptians. He had the best education, and the resources of Egypt were available to him at his beck and call. He had the best of this life available to him, but those weren’t fulfilling to him because he was not walking in purpose. In the eyes of the world, he had every good thing, but his purpose was lacking. Exodus 2:11–13 gives an account of Moses’ first inkling of his purpose:

Now it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out to his brethren and looked at their burdens. And he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his brethren. So he looked this way and that way, and when he saw no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. And when he went out the second day, behold, two Hebrew men were fighting, and he said to the one who did the wrong, “Why are you striking your companion?”

We see in the first instance that Moses was grieved by the oppression of his people by the Egyptians, and he took it upon himself to deliver the Hebrew who was being beaten. Why was this relevant to his purpose? He could very well have ignored it because he was a prince of Egypt, and he really had no business being among the laborers. But something on the inside of him kept drawing him to them.  The oppression of the people caught his attention, and he felt he could do something about it. In another encounter, he felt the need to judge between the two Hebrews in conflict. Was he just being a busybody? No! This was another push toward his purpose.

These two accounts bear witness to Moses’ purpose, which was to serve as a deliverer and a judge to Israel. Evidently these were two unsuccessful attempts because he acted outside of the grace of God needed to fulfill the purpose. This is an example of the inner working of God in Moses. Long before he had an encounter with God, the seed of purpose was already yearning for expression.

What are your thoughts?

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  • tcavey

    October 24, 10 2012 10:26:01

    “Long before he had an encounter with God, the seed of purpose was already yearning for expression.”

    I love how God places burdens or passions on our hearts to help guide us into fulfilling the purpose He has created for us.

    Great post.

    • Moyo Mamora

      October 24, 10 2012 01:20:46

      That’s correct, as God places things in our hearts, He leaves it to us to dilligently follow through in producing fruit.

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