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Do you know why you are here?

Everyone in life is created for a purpose, a purpose that is great and glorious. This statement only holds power except you accept the fact that you were created and not just a species that survived the harsh changes of the elements over millions of years. I believe each person at various points in his/her life will ask the question of what life means and why is it worth living. Without the truth of the creation of mankind, the concept of the purpose of an individual cannot stand because it would have no meaning. The question of purpose will have a simple answer― You must survive. But we all know that life is more than just surviving, we will all agree that life has more meaning and fulfillment when we touch the lives of others. Life is about making an impact in the world and leaving a legacy for another generation. If this question of purpose has ever gnawed at you then it is a testimony to the fact that you were created.

Until you know for a fact who you are, and why you are here, everything around you will make an attempt to define your identity. The answer of purpose should come from within, not by identifying with images and cultures portrayed in society. Our education and experiences shouldn’t define our purpose but should stimulate us to reach deep within us to pick up the signals of the pointers to what a purposeful life should be. Your purpose is the center of why you’re living. When you’re truly living in purpose, people, resources, and opportunities you need will naturally gravitate towards you. Ask yourself the following questions: Why am I here? (This is ultimately the question you want answered), What are my deepest convictions? What do I have to give? What do I do that brings me great joy and satisfaction? What am I discontent with in the lives of others? Ultimately, what  does God say about you and what you should be doing?

Your success and fulfillment in life is dependent on how many things you cross out on your “to-do” list but on how well you lived in purpose. Without purpose as the compass to guide you, your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfill you.  Success in life comes because you are preoccupied with purpose. You may be accomplishing tasks, meeting deadlines, growing in your career, but without a sense of peace and joy then you’re not living in purpose because joy and peace are the inner compass of purposeful living.

You should know why you are here, and let every avenue be an opportunity to make an impact. There’s no better time to influence those around you. You don’t have to wait for a great platform. Seize every opportunity around you to impact a life today. Make it a priority to leave a footprint wherever you go. Make a positive impact in the life of others, leave something behind that will help another generation. The answer to the question of what you need to do to make such an impact is your purpose. Ask yourself the question, and begin to work at it now!

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