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On Growth: Don’t Just Go Through, Grow Through!

personal growthEvery challenge we face in life gets us “stuck” if we don’t ‘know how to overcome, get over, or deal with it. Hence we feel out of control, and this feeling of being not in control is at the root of circumstantial frustrations. Many who face challenges typically wallow in the feeling of helplessness, continuing with their regular routine, hoping that things fall into place. Going through tough times involves doing nothing while in a storm, and sticking it through until the tides subside.

Some people are just good at ‘going through’ tough times, but the tough times beat them up and beat them down. So even though they are “out”, they are damaged. They come out hoping nothing goes wrong again in life. But if you have lived any length of time, you know that life is constantly filled with battles and things to deal with. Just like being in a bumper car race without expecting to get bumped out of course is an illusion, to expect to go through life without challenges is absurd.

However, there are those who are deliberate about life and growth, this person faces a challenge, feels the same feeling of helplessness that everyone else feels, is frustrated, but the difference is that this person does not bask in these feeling of helplessness for long. This individual recognizes that there is a lack of ‘know how’ , and immediately begins to seek out the knowledge and information to be applied. This person is simply on a quest for wisdom. The quest for wisdom  in this kind of situation is not an easy one. It requires a tenacious attitude that continues to learn, apply, fail, learn again, and apply.

There are times when you will feel like everything you’re doing doesn’t seem to be working, but each obstacle should cause you to evolve and develop in your methods. Everything you do to get you through the situation you are facing successfully is a seed. Seeds produce a harvest when cultivated, but there is usually a time lag. With diligence and consistency, the process of learning, selling, networking, trying, reaching and other seeds sown towards a solution causes growth to happen naturally.

Growth isn’t something we can make happen any more than a farmer can make corn planted in his field grow. All a farmer can do is to till the ground, plant the seed, and cultivate the crop. Likewise in order for us to grow, we must setup a conducive environment for growth, and we will see growth happen naturally.

As we encounter challenges in life, we must make it a point not just to go through them, but to grow. It is the process of learning and applying oneself diligently in the face of adversity while maintaining a positive attitude that stimulates growth, and in due season, the seeds sown will begin to yield fruits. This individual will not just go through the situation but will growth through. He or she will thrive, even though she may come out bruised, but will not carry marks of defeat, but marks that will be reminders of valuable lessons learned.

Use every challenge you face as an opportunity to gain advantage. Don’t just stick it through the situation with the hope that things will get better, but rather be deliberate about your expectations of the outcome. Identify the challenges, look for gaps in what you need versus your current abilities. Pursue what you need hard. When you try and it fails, don’t just be discouraged, find out why. Learn from the mistake, pick yourself up from the rubles and try again.

You were created for success, and each situation you face if well handled, forges your character and stimulates the development of your potential for good success. Character and developed capacity are required for success in life, and your attitude in the midst of trials determine your success in life, so don’t just go through, but rather grow through!


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