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Faith and the Pursuit of Purpose

What happens when it seems like things are still not working despite your consistent efforts? You have tried multiple times to make progress, but you seem to be hitting a brick wall. It seems like all your efforts are not yielding much fruit, and it appears to you that there is some kind of resistance to your success. You must by faith continue in your pursuit to fulfill your purpose. Faith requires a relentless attitude―consistently persistent and unyielding in the expectation of the outcome. Hebrews 11:1 calls faith a title deed. In essence, faith is the assurance and confirmation that we have the things we believe God for.

When we experience setbacks, we often begin to have negative thoughts that try to define the limits of our progress. You may have it in your heart to be a medical doctor but are finding a particular science class challenging. Negative thoughts will try to set in, suggesting to you that you are in the wrong field and that medicine is not the career for you. If medicine is in line with your purpose, don’t quit. Instead, commit yourself to learning. Apply yourself to your studies, put in the extra hours required to learn the concepts, and remain in agreement with God.

There is a divine plan for your life—a plan that is good and that will bring about a glorious manifestation—but it will require you to have a vision to see the possibilities of this plan. You must be able to see the reality of your purpose with your inner eyes. You must clearly see the fruit that will be produced as a result of your purpose. It is this ability to see that will keep you working.

Vision is the driving force for you to continually develop yourself and work out your potential. Seeing with your inner eyes begins with conceiving in your heart a vivid image of the promises of God’s Word. This image then becomes so real that it provokes one into corresponding action. It is when we put corresponding action to what we believe that faith is perfected, and following that, the manifestation is seen in the natural. Where there is a delay in manifestation, one must know that it is not God who is delaying or holding back your manifestation or this will cripple your faith.

To operate in faith is to operate independently of what seems to be happening around you. This doesn’t mean you should ignore natural laws, but if there is anything that contradicts the truth of God’s Word or pushes you toward disagreeing with His Word, dismiss it. God’s words are spiritual things. Jesus said in John 6:63 that God’s words are spirit and life. They are the building blocks of things in the realm of the spirit.

In Mark 11, Jesus cursed the fig tree. His confidence was in the words He had spoken, not in what the tree looked like after He spoke. He paid no attention to the tree and did not watch to see what would happen. That’s why He taught His disciples, “Whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” It is from God’s Word that faith is built, and we have a responsibility to agree with His Word by the confession of our mouths to get faith to work. The images of spiritual realities are conceived in one’s heart, and it is in speaking words with conviction that things are created and possessed.

Your purpose is from God, and it will take spiritual nourishment to keep fueling your passion for your purpose. It will take you constantly receiving instructions for your current season and for your next steps from God. You cannot by your own strength fulfill an assignment given you by God. You need the grace of God and the anointing of His Spirit. Faith is what makes the connection to the power of God. Faith also builds in you resolve despite the opposition you might face. Some may think it is foolhardy of you to press on in the face of adversity, but if you are walking with God, being led of His Holy Spirit, and working with His Word, then you are doing the right thing.

While we hold on to our purpose and continually do the different things required for the full manifestation of our purpose, we must remain patient. It is in this time of waiting for the fruits of their labor that many people lose heart. Remember that your purpose is planted in you by God who is eternal; so also is the progression of your purpose not dependent on the passage of time but on your faithfulness in the different phases of your life. The circumstances of your life have no bearing on your purpose, so you must learn to operate independently of what your circumstances tell you. By faith you can bring the difficulties you face in subjection to the purpose you have to accomplish!

From my new book, Young & Purposeful: Discovering and Fulfilling Purpose Early in Life



  • Cherise

    November 07, 11 2012 06:10:00

    Patience is a virtue.

    • Moyo Mamora

      November 07, 11 2012 11:41:21

      Patience (def): The consistent application of yourself over time until you see results. Yes it is a virtue! Thanks for commenting

  • Nicole Smith

    November 10, 11 2012 10:52:40

    I Love this article! Truly inspiring, insightful, & uplifting! A spiritual recipe for God’s success! Thanks for sharing this wisdom in terms EVERYONE can receive!
    Nicole Smith
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  • tcavey

    November 19, 11 2012 09:40:54

    These two sentences spoke volumes to me: “You cannot by your own strength fulfill an assignment given you by God.”
    “The circumstances of your life have no bearing on your purpose,”

    As long as we breath, we have a purpose. We may not always see it and it won’t necessarily come easily, but God never said life would be easy. He said He would never leave us.

    • Moyo

      November 19, 11 2012 09:51:20

      As always TC, your presence is a blessing. Every time I read this post, those to sentences you highlight jump out and bless me.

  • gigi

    November 23, 11 2012 02:02:03

    well said and amen!!

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