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Believe and Stay Focused

I know what it means to desire something and apply yourself towards achieving it. I also know the struggles of overcoming challenges along the way towards fulfilling your vision. That said, I have proven this to be true in my life; that if you believe and stay focused, in due time (which is sooner than later), great things will happen for you. In order to believe and stay focus, you need to set progressive goals! When you have a vision for any aspect of your life, you will need to set a series of goals which are milestone goals towards fulfilling your vision. This infers that you have carefully thought about what is needed to get from where you are to where you need to be in whatever area you are assessing. Your goals need to be progressive in that the path towards success is never a straight line.windy path to success

I bet you’ve seen this widely circulated image on what the path to success really looks like. With each turn and setback along the way, you will have to tweak your milestone goals and try again. There will be little problems that are easily solvable, there will be shallow valleys, high mountains for you to overcome, soon after you will fall into a valley that tries to drown you etc. But for as long as there is life, hope remains!

So how does this tie into believing and staying focused? Goals keep you focused. Setting a goal means you must take a risk, and in taking risk you need faith. Think about light. Sun light can hardly do any harm, but when the light is focused it can burn little bugs (like you used to do when you were younger…lol). A laser is light that has been focused, and it becomes so powerful that it can even cut through steel. For as long as you keep your eye on your goals and you continue to work towards it, you will remain focused. Keeping sight of the big picture is what helps you in tweaking and adjusting your goals so you don’t get lost in focus.

Now, every goal that is worth attaining to must challenge you to grow. One of the joys of fulfilling a goal and actualizing a vision is the fact that when you arrive at your destination, you are a different man/woman. The struggles you overcome will shape your character and mold you to be a better person. Traumatic while you go through them, but with the right perspective and attitude, you will be a better person. See my post on growing through adversity.

As you journey on the path of success, what should you believe in? Yourself? Yes, to an extent. But there is a God who desires success for you more than you can imagine. Notice what He says in Ephesians 3:20 (NIV) “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to the power that is at work within us”. Your goals should be audacious, to the extent that it causes you to believe outside yourself, and rather in the One with unlimited potential.

Simply put, the message for you is to keep striving (i.e. work hard), stay focused, and keep believing, because your Destination of Promise is sure!

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