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Finishing Strong!

So it’s that time of the year again when everyone is excited and looking forward to the New Year. I got so many “Happy New Month” and “Happy December” messages on the 1st of the month, which is all good. People are excited, and really it’s a thing to rejoice about that we made it this far this year. I’m excited about this year, though very challenging, it was also very rewarding. I wouldn’t trade for a million bucks the year’s experience. I have been able to train my faith muscles, and grow in wisdom and in my calling. Being at this point of the year I’m able to look back with a smile and rejoice in this month of December.

Something I have noticed over the years about the last month of the year is that while everyone is excited, and looking on to the next year, there is this “winding down” mindset that happens. Seems like most people stop trying and making an effort at anything, and start planning for the New Year. In my opinion, plans for the New Year should be made before December. Life is like a race, and the way the race is finished is a huge determinant. Even though we’re in December we ought to remain diligent enough to lay hold of all the goodies that are still outstanding. In God the end of a thing is better than the beginning (Eccl.7:8). Your best days are always ahead of you in God, and need I say that your attitude to the days ahead is a precursor to how  much goodies you will experience.

So what’s my point here? This month of December should not be a times to power down your mind, but really to ginger up yourself for the last few yards of the race. While you prepare resolutions for the New Year, remember the analogy of the race? If you were to run a 10k marathon, you will spend some time training before the race right? So it behooves you to spend some time training for the New Year. Let December be that month! Psychologist tell us that we are creatures of habits and if we can maintain a strict regimen of an activity for 30days straight uninterrupted, then it will be a new habit for us. So this is not the month to say next year I will start xyz. This is the month to actually start training for 2012. If you have a resolution to work out for 30 mins three times a week in the New Year, start with 30 mins once a week. If you want to eliminate certain foods from your diet, start with that now. If you resolve to spend 30mins each day with God, start with 15mins a day. Your goal here is to gradually desensitize yourself from whatever addiction you want to break, and to gradually get comfortable with a change in lifestlye.

In the midst of doing all this, it’s not too late to start working on some of the goals you set for this year. You can go back to your diary and pull out some of those 2011 goals, and see which ones you can get the ball rolling on. Maybe there are some you started and you quit in April because it was “too hard”, pickup from where you left off, and begin to learn what you need to do to make it work. Keep the goal in front of you, and commit yourself to finishing strong.

I have decided to press hard till the end of this year. This season is a season of consecration, spending time praying and searching the Scriptures for specific instructions from God for ministry, business and relationships. I am also doing A LOT of reading. My target is to read 4 books in preparation for the New Year, I’m working on a book which I have  a target to finish, also working on a piece of real estate which must be completed and rented out . Going back to my previous post on diligence, and not procrastinating, the way to go about these things is to set small measurable goals for each week this month. This way you can track your progress, and measure your success. I’m doing all this because must finish strong!

Anyhoo…nice talking to you, remain blessed 🙂

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  • Olakonu (Big B)

    December 03, 12 2011 01:09:45

    I salute ur consistency to ur vision on ur magazine/site publicity. It may look like results are not “visible” yet, but this deep sense of committment to sending the link will yield result sooner that u may anticipate.
    i really felt ur groove musically at the allnight in church y’day
    Big B

    • Moyo Mamora

      December 03, 12 2011 10:08:55

      Thank you sir! You’ve been an inspiration…

  • Kumbi

    December 06, 12 2011 12:54:11

    great note! i agree…i think we often wind down & wait until the new year to start activating plans that we could very well work on today…i don’t know if it’s a mental thing about the freshness of a new start, but EVERYDAY is fresh…heck, every minute is fresh, so why not start now? i still have goals that i meant to meet earlier this year & as tempting as it is to put up the white flag, i’m not letting them go without a fight lol so yeah…great note. i’m inspired.

    • Pastor Yemi Olayinka

      December 06, 12 2011 10:46:03

      Dear Moyo ,
      It’s my pleasure to send this little piece. Got some copies of ur book through ur Mum and dear aunty yesterday. I am more than inspired with what I read and can picture the direction of Gods lead in ur life. I have a strong conviction that u are headed for the top. My prayer is that He that has began a good work in ur life will sure complete it IJN. Keep up with the vision and remain in Him. Shalom.

      • Moyo Mamora

        December 12, 12 2011 03:43:35

        Thank you very much! Your comments are much appreciated…and I receive your blessings

    • Moyo Mamora

      December 12, 12 2011 03:44:03

      I think its just a mental thing also for people to just look to a fresh start, but like you said, action can be taken now. Moreover the month of December is 31 days. That’s quite an amount of time to do something productive.The attitude is to fight to the end…anyway, thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • amy

    December 09, 12 2011 10:12:38

    Veryyy true talk.inspiring!!iv never really looked at it that way.still have 21 more days to end this year.By his grace, thats more than enuf time to still accomplish some remaining 2011 goals…time to press real hard!!!

    • Moyo Mamora

      December 09, 12 2011 10:06:59

      Yup! Press real hard, and finish this year strong…thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Tomi

    December 11, 12 2011 11:43:40

    Min. Mo,

    Very true and timely article! People usually get carried away by the holidays and events that take place at the end of the year.

    I set a goal last month to finish 2 more books before the end of the year however I have been winding down and working on setting goals for next year. I will “ginger up” in the next couple of weeks and finish the year strong!!!

    Thanks for such an inspiring article…

    • Moyo Mamora

      December 12, 12 2011 03:37:49

      I’m glad to hear that miss…be sure to set goals for the remaining days of the year, and diligently in small parts work on them. This will help you stay focused!!!

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