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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Interestingly this happens to be my first post on this site. I should have posted something a LONGGGGG time ago, but I get caught up with other things that I am doing and I put it aside. However today I remembered 2 simple rule of progress which are:

1. Resist Procrastination- DO IT NOW!

2. Apply yourself to doing something related to the accomplishment of a goal- in essence when on a 100 mile journey by foot, a commitment to walk 1 miles a day will get you to your destination eventually. This will take a long time, but you have made progress beyond the person who just mopes about how long the journey is.

I have so much to share, and I am making a commitment to write something at least 5 times in a week (I can imagine how many people would hold me accountable to this statement…gosh i’m nervous now!)

Anyway, I woke up today with so much joy (like I do most days), and I spent a great deal of time thanking God for various things in my life. Too often we forget the goodies that happen to us on a daily basis, is it any wonder why the Psalmist says “bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits” (Psalms 103:2). He then goes on to list the benefits. This is ought to be a model we embrace, if we take time out to list out everything good, no matter how small it is that may have happened to us within the past day, week, month or year, we will realize that they are many!

This will also help train you to focus more on the positives in life. Have you ever been in a situation when you were good many times and you did something wrong once and it seems like you were made to feel like the devil himself? If you’ve experienced this, it is normal, this is because in general, we are trained to focus more on negatives. Humans are designed to go in the direction of their most dominant thoughts, so if you train yourself to focus on positives and blessed happenings, your life will follow after the same, and vise-versa.

In lieu of this, here are some of the things i’m thankful for:

1. The precious hope that I have in Jesus Christ- He was made for me righteousness, wisdom, sanctification and redemption (1 cor.1:30)

2. I have been blessed in every way because I am in Christ (Eph.1:3)

3. A loving family- My mom and dad and siblings are simply awesome! I tell you I cant imagine any better.

4. My pastors- They’ve trained me in spiritual things, they have fed me with the word of God, and have helped guide me

5. My new book, “the Believer’s Covenant of Health“. What a blessing it has been to people, and the immense support I have received

6. Numerous opportunities to minister God’s Word to people. This ALWAYS delights me, and I am always honored when I get an invitation

7. Friends who have been a blessing to me, and an encouragement in down times (I wish I could name them all…but I’m sure you know yourselves)

8. The tough times that God has permitted that I go through. I have learned faith in a greater dimension, and I have come to understand God’s grace much more. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for a million bucks, because what I have learned is worth far more.

9. God has increased me financially in the past year, it blows my mind!

10. Perfect health: I went for a checkup a couple of months back, and the physician says “you are probably the healthiest person we have seen all year”. Blood pressure was perfect, blood count perfect, cholesterol perfect etc

11. Answered prayers in the lives of other people, and ultimately being a blessing to other people. Every time someone acknowledges this, all I can think about is “God is faithful”- Life lived in purpose is amazing! As a matter of fact, it is the only way to live.

12. My real estate business has taken a turn for the better, I see a very bright light ahead of me

13. My twitter friends @spreadingJOY @ID_11 @CA_unplugged @crazysoulwinner @OliveaBranch @MS_OGUNJIMI @Momolycious @belovedosaruchi @Green_Star1 etc

I could go on and on, but I have to sign out now and do some other things.

All in all, I am grateful!


  • Tolu Famuyiwa

    November 30, 11 2011 09:16:31

    Wow Moyo this is really a great work you are involved with.
    I am truly glad for you, and I pray that everyone can get a taste of this true heart felt joy that you speak of.

    • Moyo Mamora

      December 06, 12 2011 04:12:28

      Thank you so much miss! Remain blessed…

  • Moyo Mamora

    December 12, 12 2011 03:38:59

    Thank you so much miss! Remain blessed…and stop by again

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