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How Do You Get Rich? 5 Myths That Hinder You

How do you get rich?

First of all, there are no overnight tips or tricks to creating lasting wealth. The creation of wealth, and the process of getting rich requires a consistent application of principles over time. Many people have a desires to get rich, but they are constantly looking for methods by which they can attain to riches. Along the way they stumble on true principles that will get them riches, but they usually involve diligence. Rather than spend time applying the principles learned, they go in search for a quicker method. At least it is safe to assume these days that most people may not be looking for a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, but they are at least looking for a ‘get a lot of money quickly’ scheme.

Key to getting richThe first thing in understanding riches is to know that there are principles that can be applied in order to create wealth and attain to riches. If they are applied consistently over time, you will grow and make more money in life. The next thing to know is that the creation of wealth is first intangible. There is a wealth of intangible and invisible resources that surround us. The rich have learned to tap into this wealth of  invisible and intangible  resources to bring tangible solutions to the problems of humanity.

In this post, i’ll like to examine some of the common myths or misconceptions that people have concerning wealth and riches. All of these are true to some extent, but they aren’t necessarily a hindrance to your ability to get rich. Majority of the rich people in the world today are people that have defied these myths because they never accepted them as an absolute truth. If you will become rich, you must dispel these myths.

Myth 1: Your location determines how much you can have

If this were true, then it will follow that only people in a certain location can make money. We will find that majority of  people in a certain state will have most of the money or wealth that exists. But in every location, we find rich and poor. It is possible to find the rich and poor living side by side each other. Nonetheless I will not overly discount the fact that your location tends to contribute to your ability to create wealth. However I do not believe much emphasis can be placed on location as a limiting or contributing factor to the making of the rich.

Myth 2: Intellectual soundness

I’m sure everyone knows someone that makes more money that you feel you are smarter than. This in itself dispels the myth that you have to extremely smart to make money. As a matter of fact, we see that those that are very rich tend to higher the ones that are very smart. Intellectual ability is necessary because the creation of wealth requires some ability to think critically. However you just need to be smart enough to learn and acquire enough information to take you to the next level. Once you get there, you can burrow the knowledge from someone, or compensate someone else for it.

Myth 3: Your chosen line of work

I have seen people make money in every line of work. From the dirtiest jobs to the most prestigious jobs. I once saw a company that had this tag line “your garbage is our treasures”. This company was making money by collecting garbage. I have seen people become multi-millionaires from selling hot-dogs and key-chains. I have also seen lawyers, medical doctors and engineers who are not able to pay their bills. Whatever your chosen line of work is, you can be the best at it. You can make money right where you are. The key is to go the extra mile. Be a giver. Give people more than the cash value paid for in service. Keep getting better at what you do, and keep looking for ways to give more.

Myth 4: Ancestral background

Many people of color have been victims to this myth. The thought that you are of a particular race, or family background being a limiting factor in your ability to get rich. Poverty is not a thing of color or ancestral background, it is just unfortunate that most of the people who have turned out poor are of a particular color. This is because this myth has been reinforced through the generations. A person who in his or her competence begins to produce great results will be rewarded for it. People are looking for quality and impactful results, and if you can deliver that consistently in your environment, then riches will find their way to you.

Myth 5: You need money to make money

While it may be easier to make more money if you have some money, there is also the risk of watching something fail faster. Money amplifies. It amplifies flaws and things that are great. Primarily, wealth is intangible. There is something called intellectual property, it is an intangible asset. Money flows in the direction of wealth. If you create wealth, then money flows in. There are people who are ready to commit their funds to something that’s worth paying for. If you do your research, you will find that a good number of millionaires and billionaires started with very little, and through their competence and diligence over time, they have been able to create wealth and attract riches.

The above listed are limiting beliefs that keep the masses of people away from attaining wealth. Because inherently in these myths is the idea that those that turn out rich are luckier than the rest of the bunch. The thought is that they just happened to be born into a good family, happen to be of a certain race, found themselves at the right place and at the right time. They happen to choose the right course of study, graduated when the economic climate was right and got in at the right company. Are there those that seem to be fortunate in a few or all of these, yes! However, i’m sure if we look deeply, we will find that the percentage of those that “just happened to get it right” are a fraction of the rich. I have found that rich people are deliberate. They live consciously, and most of them became rich by making a decision to be rich. They decided to be rich, they had an idea, and they took action on that idea.

Recently I found out that airplanes move in and out of course in their journey to their destination. The autopilot system of an airplane makes continuous course corrections, and despite the movements of track, the airplanes still arrive at their destination. The life of the person who has decided to be rich is similar; he or she makes a decision to earn a certain amount, or create a certain amount of value, and along the way they keep making adjustments to their goals, plans, visions, and execution strategies. By their thoughts, decisions and actions, they get to their destination. The rest of the bunch are “busy” standing still, at a location, or going along with the tides of life, struggling to be comfortable in the midst of the boisterous waves, yet,  expecting that something will happen by a stroke of chance that will bring them the millions.

If you have been caught in any of this limiting thought processes, begin to change them immediately. With the amount of new technology available and how easy it is to make your own websites applications with companies like Salesforce there is no excuse. Decide you will make life happen, rather than watch life happen. Decide you will be rich. Then from your decision begin to follow through with action. Leverage on your skill, apply yourself towards an area of interest, and continually acquire knowledge and increase your skill. Do all this with one thing in focus, that you will give to society more than you will receive in cash value. True wealth and riches are the resultant effects of being a giver in life. In essence, life rewards the giver, and not the taker, for “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).


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