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How To Get Out Of A Rut (1)

Rut (def): a narrow or predictable way of life, set of attitudes, etc.; dreary or undeviating routine

As long as a person believes that humans are not much different from other animals, it will be difficult to live a life that transcends that of a chimp. Human beings are spirit beings (i.e. they have an awareness and interaction with an unseen dimension). However humans also possess a soul and live in a body. The soul of a person comprises of their mind (intellect), will (resolve) and emotions (feelings). It is the soul of a person that gives color to an individual’s life. The soul helps our expression of character, and facilitates our social experiences. However if the body and soul were all to a human being it will make us humans no different than mammals.

The spirit of an individual is what makes us different from common animals. Humans were created to live from a spirit consciousness, rather than a soul consciousness. The soul processes stimuli based on the five senses and reacts accordingly. A person who lives this way will live a life in constant reaction to stimuli rather than being deliberate (conscious) in life. Living life constantly in response to stimuli will eventually condition a person to remain within the confines of what the person’s environment dictates. This is exactly how animals live.

Have you ever wondered how an elephant seems to stay put at a circus with a small string just tied to its leg? Circus elephants are conditioned at an early age to stay put. The baby elephant’s leg is chained to a pole, and when it tries to break away, it cannot escape because the chain is too big. Eventually the elephant accepts this conditioning and stops trying. As the elephant grows, he just assumes he can’t break free. When he is eventually full grown the elephant can easily yank itself off the chain but wouldn’t try because he assumes he can’t. The same elephant is now a circus elephant and is kept at bay with a small string around the leg. Whenever the elephant attempts to move and feels a slight tug he stops because of this mental conditioning.

Many people today are in some kind of rut because of past experiences. These experiences have been embedded in the mind and they begin to define what’s normal. Any attempt to live outside of this “norm” will trigger a resistance that would cause the individual to recoil. Because of various experiences, we all have invisible walls in our minds that will keep us from getting to our full potential. However, we don’t have to live our lives based on the limits defined by our experience. You can breakthrough to where you need to be in life. We can consciously take a decision to break free from routine, unproductive and unsatisfactory living.

The difference with humans is that we have the ability to live by the dictates of our spirit. This means that we do not have to conform to stimuli that our senses process, but we can draw from a higher realm of wisdom and act accordingly. The spirit of a person contains all that a person needs to succeed and excel in life (Psalms 139:16). Though the mind can be conditioned to react and experience life a certain way, a person can draw insight from the spirit and challenge the “norms”, and successfully transcend it.

Understanding of the word “Circumstance”

The word “circumstance” is derived from two Latin words ‘circum’- which means surrounding, and from this we get the word “circumference”. The other word is ‘stare’-which means stance, referring to your current position. Therefore, your circumstance is the sum of conditions surrounding where you are situated.

To be deliberate about life means to proactively take action that will eventually break you out of the current unprogressive, mundane and iterative cycle of life. For the most part, life is currently the way it is because we have allowed it to be that way. Most people live life within their comfort zone, floating wherever the currents of life take them. But for your personal development, and in order to get out of a rut, you must be deliberate about life.

 “Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.” Philippians 3:12

If your life is stuck in a routine that is not moving you towards your life’s goals, you must first recognize where you are in relation to where you need to be. This was Paul the Apostle’s attitude (Philippians 3:12). Each person has been given a purpose by God to fulfill. It is your ideal life, it is “…that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of [you]”. As you grow conscious in it, you can consciously take steps that would help you fulfill it.

Acknowledging your current position in relation to where you need to be is the first step in taking charge of your life. You cannot make necessary changes to your life if you see yourself as a “victim of circumstances beyond your control”. No circumstance is ever meant to be beyond your control. This is the essence of mankind―created for dominion (Genesis 1:26).

Adopting the line of thought that you are a victim of circumstances is to lay down the control of your life to the world. It is detrimental to your personal growth and development. Progress in life requires that you take charge of your life by committing yourself to actions that will stir you towards your goal. It is a major key to your breakthrough. Your circumstance being the conditions you are surrounding your current position in life can be changed. If you don’t like where you are situated in relation to your life’s purpose you have the power to change it.

Have a splendid week, and see part 2 on Monday!

See Part 2 of How to Get Out of a Rut

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  • tcavey

    June 25, 06 2012 09:01:54

    Great post!
    I was just talking with some of my family about the choices we make and letting life define us or rising above our circumstances to define our life in Christ.
    We have choices, we don’t have to be victims of our circumstances. Greater is HE that is IN me than he who is in the world.
    Not saying that is always easy, but it is a choice.

    Look forward to your Monday posts!

    • Moyo Mamora

      June 26, 06 2012 12:07:46

      You’re exactly right. The power of the Greater One within is the power by which we rise above life’s challenges…

  • Eileen

    June 26, 06 2012 05:19:02

    You make some really great points in this post. There was a time when my life was completely off track and I had become so used to it that it was basically my new “normal”. I didn’t recognize how crazy my reality was until I started taking healthy steps toward change.

    • Moyo Mamora

      June 27, 06 2012 10:33:05

      Thanks Eileen. What you’ve just said is the key reason why we must set progressive goals outside of our comfort zone, so we are forced to keep reaching/stretching for success

  • Simi

    June 29, 06 2012 09:34:57

    I can totally relate! I find that many people have not taken that first step in knowing exactly where they want to be and acknowledging where they are, relative to where they desire to be. This is something I am learning to do, writing down my goals and desires, and making sure my decisions and actions will get me there.

    • Moyo Mamora

      June 29, 06 2012 09:42:43

      Your decision to write goals, and deliberately take action towards attaining them gives you an edge over those that only dream of where they want to be in life. Make sure you keep them in front of your eyes always

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