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It’s My Season of Rain

At a pastor’s prayer meeting this past weekend, the word of the Lord came to us through my pastor, and he spoke saying “it is a season of rain…every seed hidden will begin to sprout”. Praise God for the word! When God speaks there’s enough faith in the word to create what it says. Hebrews 11:3 says that by faith through the word of God the world was framed, so that the things which we see were made from things which we do not see”. So everything God does starts with a word because “in the beginning was the word”.

“This is a Word from the Lord for your season: The rain is here. It’s time for your seeds to sprout. The dry spell is over, your season has come and favor has become your new order. In this season all the works of your hands will get soaked with His rain for your massive productivity. I see your potentials springing forth into manifestation in this rainy season. It is your rain for massive. By his rain, you shall reign. I announce by the Holy Ghost, it is officially your rainy season.” Pastor Kay

The Word in itself has ability; it is capable of bringing about what it says. Paul says in Acts 20:32 “I commend you to God and to the word of His grace which is able to build you up and deliver to you an inheritance…” First the word builds you up, and then it delivers to you the inheritance. But how does the Word build you up? It happens through a process called meditation.

God spoke to Joshua when commissioning him to take leadership from Moses, saying “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” (Joshua1:8, NIV). Also we see in the book of 1 Timothy 1:18, Paul’s charge to Timothy, “… son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare”.

When a prophetic word comes to you, despite the fact that God released the Word, we still have to respond appropriately in faith. Our faith response is directed through meditation and confession (saying the same thing as God). This is what Paul means by “waging a good warfare”; in essence you will have to fight for the word spoken to be a reality in your life.

Your fight is a fight of faith. There will be opportunities to just give up and say it didn’t work for you, circumstances will rise up and tell you that the word is not true in your life, all kinds of opposition would rise up, but you don’t give up. You must keep saying what God says and stand your ground.

The next day while praying with the pastors again, the same word came again, and this time it was like there was an outbreak of God’s anointing―the presence of God filled the room and joy filled our hearts. It was tangible, the reality of the word: “it is a season of rain”. We were all like kids playing in the rain!

Naturally speaking when it rains the ground is wet, it is easier to dig, seeds would begin to sprout, and the temperature kinda cools off. More importantly is to look at what the Bible says about rain, and rise to the level of God’s thought, and based on that set an expectation for what God intends to do in this season.

Illustrative of (click the links to see the Scriptures):

The word of God Isa 55:10,11

Spiritual blessings. Ps 68:9; 84:6, Eze 34:26

The goodness and graciousness of God. Act 14:17

God’s blessing for increase productivity and fruitfulness upon our day to day activities Deut.28:12

Precedes a harvest season. Joel 2:23-24, Zec 10:1

As a blessing for the obedient Lev 26:4, Deu 11:14, Eze 34:26,27

An attribute of the Promised Land Deut 11:11

Designed for:

The refreshing the earth. Ps 68:9; 72:6, Gen 2:5

Making fruitful the earth. Heb 6:7

Replenishing the springs and fountains of the earth. Psa 104:8

Receive the word, wage a good warfare with it, and keep saying what God has said!


  • TC Avey

    May 24, 05 2012 06:32:14

    Thanks, I needed this encouragement today! I got to keep fight in faith! I’m planting seeds, God will water!

    • Moyo Mamora

      May 24, 05 2012 08:20:41

      Keep the word of God in your mouth day and night! Understand the following truths and embrace them: redemption never becomes a reality until we confess it. Faith gives courage to confession and confession gives boldness to faith. Faith joyfully confesses its victory over the witnesses of the senses. So don’t stop speaking God’s word in your situation!

      Thanks for reading, please share 🙂

  • Peju

    May 24, 05 2012 08:58:12

    Thanks! This came at the right time. “You must keep saying what God says and stand your ground.”

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