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Learn To Judge Your Experiences Rightly

experiencesWe all know how frustrating it can be to work persistently on something and not see results that are commensurate with the effort we have put in. For everyone that recognizes the value of the potential within himself or herself, such a person is looking for an avenue for this potential to be expressed, and also seeks a sense of validation. But the fact that the world does not yet recognize what value you have to offer does not necessarily mean you are doing something wrong. The things we experience provide us with opportunities to strengthen our character for what lies ahead of us.

One of the greatest problems that plagues our generation is the inability for people to delay gratification. We want everything now. These days parents feel the best way to show love to their kids is to give them everything they ask for. Is this really showing love to children or is this short-circuiting a character development program that is needed for the children? Patience is an attribute of good character that must be developed by everyone who desires good success. Patience involves being persistence in your effort (work), while maintaining a constant expectation of the reward.

Statistics shows that a good number (about 85%) of people who win the lottery go broke within 2 years. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that people who win the lottery never earned the money and because of this they do not have the strength of character to handle what they have gotten. It is a simple law of life that we tend to place high value on things we have gotten by being patience (i.e. worked for and have been rewarded for over time).

The potential you carry on the inside of you is something great. It is the seed of destiny within you that will give you success and relevance in life. The moment you discover purpose, and you begin to work it out, the vision of your life becomes clearer to you and it gets you excited. But obstacles will come along the way. Challenges will come that will attempt to discourage you and keep you from believing that you are capable of fulfilling your purpose.

Don’t buy into the lie that says your time has passed or that you are not capable of attaining to the fullness of your destiny, instead learn to judge your experiences rightly. There is a process that takes something from its raw form into something of value. You never want to attain to any level of success that your character cannot handle. With each experience you go through on your way to success, constantly ask yourself for what lesson you can learn? Identify the areas that you need to grow in so you can better deal with the situation at hand.

The truth is that there is nothing that you may be going through that someone else has not learned to overcome. Such a person will go through the same situation again and will not be stressed out or frustrated because he or she has the benefit of wisdom and past experience. Such an individual has gone through the process of character development and they have the strength to keep a good and positive attitude in the midst of the challenge.

Don’t look at hindrances on your journey to success as a vote of no confidence on your ability to succeed. Neither should you ever let your experiences push you to constantly be reacting. Learn to take charge of your life. Decide to use each experience as a new course in ‘life’s university’, because when you are done and have passed the test, you will be credentialed for the next phase of your destiny.



  • tcavey

    May 06, 05 2013 11:03:23

    Very encouraging post- thank you!

    I think our entitlement society and “need” for instant gratification makes working for long term goals difficult. I know there are times I struggle to keep going because I of all the set backs. But when I take time to look over my past experiences I can see how I’ve grown! That’s amazing!

    Life really is about the journey to getting to our goals…the journey prepares us for the victories as well as the set backs!

    • Moyo Mamora

      May 07, 05 2013 10:16:33

      Very true TC…post was born out of something I have been believing God for the past 8 months now, and it’s just now i’m beginning to see it budding. However through the season, I have grown in my relationship with God, my faith, and my character! #TrustTheProcess

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