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Purpose! That’s The Most Important Thing

 “The secret to living a successful life, is to focus on that one thing that you were created for, purpose” Moyo Mamora

December last year, I had the opportunity to speak at Kingsword Church in Lagos. It was a fulfilling time in which I was able to share vital points on unlocking and fulfilling purpose.


Everybody on earth has a  purpose locked up within. It is a call to live life to the highest potential. It is where your greatness in life lies. It is in the fulfillment of purpose you find fulfillment. Like every precious metal such as gold, silver and platinum, your purpose in life is precious, and it has been hidden in the best place it can be, within you. You have the responsibility to consciously search within you for the discovery of your purpose. It is bigger than you, it is the seed of destiny within you that gives the world a taste of heavenly goodness.The book is available on any of the following eReader platforms


I shared the following points:

1. Pursue growth in purpose. The seed of purpose in you is your seed of greatness. You are expected to nurture it and cultivate it until it begins to make relevant impact in the lives of people.

2. Have an attitude of excellence. For you to stand out in life you must differentiate yourself from the average person out there, you must seek to deliver above and beyond what is required of you.

3. Be of impeccable character. Character is the foundation of all true success. As you begin to stand out in life, there will be opportunities for you to slip and fall, but having a strength of character keeps you secure.

4. Be of strong faith. The area of your purpose is the area in which you are graced. There are certain skills, and abilities that are available to you for you to fulfill your purpose, and it is by faith we draw on this grace. Be unrelenting, and tenacious in your desire to fulfill purpose.

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Moyo Book Signing

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  • tcavey

    January 17, 01 2013 12:49:31

    It makes all the difference in how we handle set backs and challenges.
    Thanks for sharing more about your journey.

  • kaycee

    February 20, 02 2013 07:57:29

    i must say i find these words very encouraging …its words like this that keep me inspired and want to work hard and jus do more..

    • Moyo Mamora

      February 21, 02 2013 11:31:59

      Thanks Kaycee…see you at the top!

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