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How to Restore Passion to Your Purpose

Purpose & Passion

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Initially when you discover purpose, you are passionate, you are excited. You  feel you have all the inspiration and energy to take on the world and fulfill your purpose, but as you go on you find out that the journey to fulfilling purpose is not a walk in the park as you once imagined. Once the euphoria subsides, you are left with the commitment to fulfill your purpose.As you walk the path of purpose we are constantly in a battle to make sure we overcome challenges that we face on the path to purpose.

The process of fighting life’s battles can wear you out emotionally, lacking inspiration and motivation to continue. The things you do then become lifeless, as you wait for time to pass by. This is what happens when you lose the passion to fulfill your purpose.

As a person of purpose, here are a few things you can do to restore passion to your purpose:

1. Pray. God is the source of all inspiration and the one who plants purpose in the heart of man. In prayer you acknowledge Him as the one who gave you a purpose, and your ability to fulfill the purpose is by His grace. When you do this, you will find that passion will be restored.

2. Revisit the vision.The vision is the picture of you fulfilling purpose. A goal is clearer to reach when it is clearly in sight. To restore passion to your purpose, you need to constantly keep in front of you as you proceed to fulfilling purpose. You need to reinforce the image in you that once gave you passion. See clearly why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s you looking again at the big picture.

3. Review the impact you have made.Many times we lose sight of how much of a difference we’er making. You may not be where you desired to be or where you imagined you would be, but there are still many who have benefited from what you have contributed. Rather than focus on what’s not working, be focused on what results you’ve been able to get.

4. Examine yourself and review your plans. Self examination is the process of checking t0 find where you stand in relative to your goals. If you are not moving at the pace you expected, take time to figure out what you may be doing that is not consistent with the principles of success. Identify areas that need improvement. Areas in which you are not getting as much result may need to be reviewed. You may have to choose a new course of action to help you get ahead. It is an iterative process that requires a diligent pursuit of knowledge.

5. Follow the plan of action. Many times we don’t need to draw up a new action plan, we just need to follow through on the current plan of action that we laid out. Diligence is required to fulfill purpose. It is the constant application of yourself to a task till it is completed. Your diligence will reward you and as you are rewarded, you will be driven with more passion to complete what you have outstanding. Rather than spend time developing a new plan, break some of your short term goals to smaller chunks that you can complete in little steps. The sense of accomplishment will help restore passion to your purpose.

Always remember that you matter. Your life is best lived in purpose. Your success in life is a result of your preoccupation with purpose. The fulfillment of your purpose is what the world needs to be a better place. If you have lost the passion, follow these steps to restore passion to your purpose. The world needs you to fulfill purpose!

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