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Healing Testimony

Divine (faith) healing: A couple of days ago, someone shared with me a testimony on how they had received victory in their health from reading  my book The Believer’s Covenant of Health. I was delighted and grateful to God. It was my expectation that people will read the book and be healed. It was expected that there will be testimonies but it is always a blessing to know that your efforts are actually making an impact in life!

This made my day 😀

The Believer’s Covenant of Health is a book that unveils every believer’s right to divine healing as well as steps to living a healthy and whole life by faith.

So here’s the testimony on divine healing below:

I read your book and guess whaaaaaaat? I have a testimony 🙂

Since teenage years I have had an irregular menstrual cycle and when it would come I would get so sick, nausea excruciating back pain, fever. In January I went through the same experience and I was convinced that I was going to die. It was so bad, I was in bed jus really sick. Then I read the book & was declaring my health daily. Then my period came in February and I felt zero pain! It wasn’t until the last day that I realized I had been healed because I kept thinking…hmmm what if it starts to hurt…but it didn’t 🙂

So yep that’s my testimony!

I have had similar discussions with a few women who have excruciating menstrual pain, and I have always made the case from Scripture that the pain they experience during their menstrual cycle ought not be! Many have received the Word and have been set free from this torment like the young lady shared.

Anything that is persistent and uncomfortable on your body should never be accepted as the norm. People often say “I normally have xyz condition…i’m used to it”. Should you be used to such? NO! Take a firm stand and enjoy your covenant rights to healing and divine health. Jesus paid the full price so that you can live in perfect health!

God still heals. He is able to heal from any condition if you apply your faith. Order a copy of the The Believer’s Covenant of Health to learn more about divine (faith) healing.


  • Chimandara

    March 14, 03 2012 03:11:16

    Thank you for sending me the book last year. I am so happy that I can share my testimony with many. Your book is really a blessing and we thank God that you are using the gifts He has given you to bless many.

    • Moyo Mamora

      March 14, 03 2012 09:24:50

      Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. It will be an inspiration to others who need a jump-start in the process of their faith. Continue to share it with others and point the glory to God.

      Remain blessed!

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