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Merry Christmas 2012

It is interesting how words shape our thinking and shape our culture. In the past few years, society has slowly been moving away from wishing “Merry Christmas” to people, and have carefully replaced the greeting with “Happy Holidays”. The significance of Christmas is not the holiday, but the birth of Christ that Christians all over the world have chosen to celebrate on December 25.

While some may not count it a big deal, it is. The words we speak affect the way we think because words are an expression of an individual’s ideas.¬†Eliminating¬†Christmas from our vocabulary because some find the word “Christ” offensive is one of the avenues by which we subconsciously remove Christ from our consciousness. Persisting on this path simply makes Christmas another public holiday and nothing else.

To the Christian, Christmas has a meaning. It represents hope and joy to the world. It is supposed to represent love also, giving and sharing. We can keep the spirit of Christmas by keeping the consciousness of Christ, and the significance of His birth into this world.

With that said, it is also important to note that for many people, Christmas is a very lonely time and sad time. The reason being that people with family and loved ones around tend to get absorbed with themselves, and forget that there are acquaintances who couldn’t make it back to their loved ones because of travel distance or lack of finances who will have to spend Christmas alone because nobody thought to invite them to their Christmas party.

As you carry on through the day today, be a source of light, hope and joy to someone completely random, and remember to greet them Merry Christmas!

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