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No Excuses!

no excusesThe average human being has the tendency to point an accusing finger to someone or something or a past experience when things don’t go well in life. It is satisfying and very easy to do. We blame our manager, coworkers or poor organization structure and processes because we don’t like our jobs. Our spouses, children or parents are to blame for the troubles and difficulties that we face in life. We blame the economy and the leaders of our government for our poor financial situations etc. In the midst of all these, we make excuses for our own inefficiencies, poor judgment and bad choices.

The fact of life is that each person is solely responsible for his or her life. If there are certain aspects of your life that you don’t like, you have the power to change it. You are the captain of your own ship, and must take responsibility for navigating it to the point that you so desire. With each excuse you make you are giving up your own authority to give direction to your life. You are inherently saying “I don’t have what it takes, but it is this other person, or the situation that has power to control the direction of my life.”

God created man to have dominion; that is to have authority, rule, control and administration over his life and the environment. With this He planted purpose in the heart of man. The purpose in the heart of man is that driving force. It is that seed of greatness within you that pushes you towards your destiny. It is that which is subconsciously pushing you to set goals and achieve them in your field.

With that said, if God planted purpose in your heart, it is Him alone that holds the key to fulfilling it. So your life is not a mess because of the situation you find yourself or the challenges you come across, because that’s only temporary. Your life only becomes a mess if your are not able to follow the divine leading within your heart.

I recall the story of how God lead the descendants of Israel out of the bondage of the Pharaoh splitting the Red Sea, and through the scorching and terrible wilderness en-route to the Promised Land of Canaan. Even though you are faced with challenges, it is no indication that you are on the wrong path. It is a question of what you will do in the midst of the situation.

The story records that a whole generation perished in the wilderness because they had a nasty attitude. Your attitude is what counts in the midst of difficulty. Are you one to complain and make excuses for failure, or will you take a stand, taking responsibility for your own life and actions, and with all boldness say, “I am well able to overcome”?

It’s simple if you don’t like it, change it! The power rests in your hands. Actions have consequences, so if the consequences of your life reveal something, then change the actions. If the answers you’re getting are not what you like, then change the question. The point is do something different and stop making excuses. If you don’t know what to do, ask the Creator, and listen within your heart, and He will be sure to direct you!


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  • Ada

    August 17, 08 2013 05:56:25

    If there is one lesson I’ve learned this year it is that personal accountability is one of the keys to progress. Looking around for someone to blame for your life is a waste of time and energy that could be better used on finding ways to improve your life. We all have to accept that everything in our lives is as we have let it be and like you said, if we don’t like it then we should change it!

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