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Spiritual Growth

inner manIn my previous post on personal growth, I shared on how knowing who you are is a requirement for your personal development. A major part of that involves understanding your spiritual makeup. In understanding spiritual growth, the first thing one must learn is the human makeup. Human beings are tripartite beings, primarily spirit beings, possessing a soul and living in a body. The body is that physical and material part of us that we all see. It is through the body we interact with this physical world, shaking hands, giving hugs etc.

The soul and spirit are immaterial. The soul comprises the mind, will and emotions. It is the sit of intellect, decisions and feelings. Our exposure, education, environment and interactions shape our soul and ultimately set the tone for our personality.

Finally the real you, the spirit, is the core of your being. It is that part of you that connects with the unseen spiritual world. It is from the spirit we are inspired, creativity, discernment and direction.

For you to grow spiritually and in consciousness, pay attention to development these areas:

1. Words. The words that we speak shape our destiny. Words are powerful in creating our realities. A spiritually mature person is one who has learned not to err in words. Such a person has learned to choose words carefully. This person knows when to speak, how to speak, and if to speak, and when he or she does speak, he or she speaks words of life. Your words create the world you live in, whether good or bad, so learn to use words wisely.

2. Thoughts. The mind acts as a gateway to the spirit. Thoughts that prevail in our mind eventually sip into our spirit and begin to control us, producing the reality we experience. You must learn to take control of your thoughts. Rather than let your mind roam, consciously impress upon your mind thoughts that are positive, beautiful, lovely and of good report. Let your thoughts be impressed with images of your desired and expected end. Once these get in your spirit, they will begin to guide you and attract resources, people and ideas to you, and will eventually become your reality.

3. Discernment. Discernment is the ability to judge rightly. It is keenness of insight. Spiritual growth involves developing one’s ability to make the right judgement call. It is said that the more information you have the better you are at making decisions. Studies show that this is not completely true. Rather people who have developed their ability to discern are better at making decisions, even with limited information  Discernment is a function of the spirit; when presented with sensory information, you search your heart to decide how you should act. Sometimes your decisions may be contrary to the facts at hand.

4. Actions. Another indication of spiritual growth which follows from discernment, is the ability to act in ways that are not precipitated by anything external. Conscious living depends upon being able to take decisions based on one’s resolve. It is about being intentional in the way we act rather than reacting to circumstances. Decisions and actions must be taken of one’s volition, even if it is something that is considered absolutely insignificant.

5. Love. The greatest weapon for all good in the world is love. It is the foundation of good character. It is the ability to recognize the dignity in all people irrespective of how we feel about their choices. Love chooses to empower others. The love nature of the spiritually perfect is unrelenting in its pursuits, caring more for others other than oneself, and not wanting what it doesn’t have. It doesn’t strut, have a swelled head, or force itself on others. It isn’t always “me first.” Rather, it prefers others. It is the God kind of love, and it doesn’t fly off the handle or keep score of the sins of others, and doesn’t revel when others grovel. Instead, it takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, puts up with anything. Love always looks for the best. It never looks back but keeps going to the end.

6. Peace. Inner peace is highly indicative of spiritual growth. Tension within our spirit signifies to us that there is something out of place spiritually. This is beyond an act of one’s own will and resolve. A spiritually mature person has found relationship with God, and this is the ultimate source of spiritual peace. One with spiritual peace has an inexplicable confidence about life, is satisfied with life, and is content irrespective of the economic situation.

I have found the Bible and the Christian faith to be most complete in the spiritual growth of an individual. The teachings in the Bible perfectly capture these areas in the development of the spiritually mature. The quality of the life you enjoy is directly in tune with the quality of your spiritual life. So make a commitment today to grow yourself up spiritually!



  • Iyinoluwa Balogun

    February 07, 02 2013 07:24:39

    Couldn’t be more right. Many believers won’t make as many mistakes if they really pay attention to growing up spiritually. Spiritual growth has little to do with the number of years spent doing church.

    • Moyo Mamora

      February 08, 02 2013 10:06:24

      Very true. Thanks for your comment…

  • Dan Black

    February 09, 02 2013 02:00:53

    Great points. Spiritual growth is so essential for us to implement in our life.

  • Dorothy

    February 15, 02 2013 12:12:11

    Thanks for this post it does make sense. Thank you for sharing this!

  • sunnyray

    April 18, 04 2013 01:49:08

    This post offers a great explanation of the ternary human nature that so many people confuse or have no clear idea about. Thanks for sharing.

  • Albert

    August 08, 08 2013 09:44:52

    Many people do not think the spirit is the core of our being. s you said, though, the quality of life is dependent on it. There are countless small decision we make every day that could impact lives in the long term; health decisions, what we say to to others, whether we take that extra step when we don’t have to, etc. This post bring up some good points to remind ourselves about. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Moyo Mamora

      August 14, 08 2013 04:22:16

      Thanks for adding to the discussion.

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