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Never Give Up! What to do when you lose on the road to success

"Never never never give up" Winston ChurchillNever give up!

The most important aspect in your personal development is in everything you do to grow in fulfilling your purpose. A life of purpose represents a successful life. On this journey towards success, you must never never never give up! Never give up! Your life’s purpose is much bigger than you, and there is a lot more at stake if you don’t live a life of purpose. It is therefore imperative that you make the sacrifice necessary to attain to the higher calling. This requires developing an attitude of a champion. It’s an attitude that will never give up in the midst of adversity.

The story is told in the Bible of how Joshua led the children of Israel from the wilderness into the Promised Land of Canaan. One of the first cities to be taken over was the city of Jericho. It was a glorious victory for Joshua and the children of Israel because Jericho was reputed to be an impenetrable city. The next region to be taken was the city of Ai. It was so small that their reconnaissance mission had revealed that they needed just a handful of the soldiers to take the region. When Joshua sent the men in, they were sorely defeated by the men of Ai. The Bible then records that when Joshua heard of this defeat, he threw a feat; he tore his clothes and fell face down before the Lord with questions as to why they had lost even though God had promised them victory (Josh.7:6).

The principle here is this: Canaan represents the destination of success. When you have a conviction in your heart concerning your purpose, you must apply yourself diligently and wisely to fulfilling your purpose. Set goals for yourself that take you steps closer to fulfilling your purpose. Mentally tie your success in life to the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. As you walk this path of purpose, you will encounter setbacks, but you must never give up, but persistently live the life of purpose that is cut out for you. You must live above failure. Most people who encounter setbacks just give up on success. They stop trying and applying themselves towards attaining to their goal. Your attitude is very important because it affects your perspective on the events that you face as you fulfill your life’sĀ purpose.

If you had a conviction, rather than quit and attempt to make an excuse for your loss/failure, you need to have a fighting spirit that rises up within you. Take a step back and analyze what may have gone wrong. Was there a flaw in your strategy or execution? Did you overlook an important detail? It is always important that after each failure we look to evaluate what lessons we can learn with a motive to not make the same mistakes at the next attempt. There is always the choice of nursing the wounds of failure and talking about the mishap with everyone who is ready and willing to listen, but this is the wrong attitude, and your attitude plays a big part in your success. Rather than mope over defeat, develop the character of a champion.

A self examination is always key after a failed attempt. Your destiny is a sure thing, let your convictions be your driving force. Never give up, and never lose heart. Constantly push yourself to transcend the failures of the past. You may have thought you did everything right, but you need to carefully scrutinize your actions. Little details make all the difference in the thought, “i did everything right”. Were there nuances you missed? If you did do everything right, then keep doing what was right until it works for you.

Friend, never give up. Never allow failure to discourage you from achieving anything you desire to achieve in life. Regard failure as an opportunity to recoup and learn which aspects of your strategy or character a lacking.

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