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Take care or take charge?

To be successful in life you must take 100% responsibility for everything that is experienced in your life. It is so easy for us as humans to blame circumstances for things that have not worked out well for us in life. Excuses are easy to come up with, and if we all tried, we all can come up with a good excuse for failure in life. The problem with making excuses is that you are willfully turning over the power of your life over to a circumstance. What you blame for your failures is what you acknowledge is in control of your life. Religious people tend to place responsibility of their life on a “higher power”, and when things go wrong they find themselves stuck in a rut. When God created man in Gen.1:26, Scripture records that man was created to have dominion. This means man was created to be in charge. Until you begin to see yourself in the light of who God created you to be, you will be limited in the feats you can accomplish in life. This means that for every decision you make try as much as possible in your own might to make sure there wont be excuses. If you have to be at a meeting for 6p, plan to be there for 5:30p, if you earn an income of $1000, have a monthly budget for $800. In essence go the extra mile to make sure that you cover all basis. What happens if after doing all this something still goes wrong? You won’t feel the need to blame something else because you took control. You will own the decision, and it is much easier to move on  this way than the converse.

As a believing Christian, God has done His part in ensuring your victory in life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but you have to make decisions that align with this truth, to make it a vital reality in your life. Outcome in life is a product of the sum of your responses to events that occur in your life. The decisions you make in life will eventually take you to a destination you like or don’t like. Whichever one it is, you got there! I have come to find out that success and similarly failure is a destination preceded by habits that have been cultivated which in turn rule the decisions we make in life. No one ever stumbled on success. If you do your research you will find out that deliberate actions were taken which ended up yielding the fruits of success. Likewise failure doesn’t just happen, it is a series of decisions to not do the right thing and do nothing which ended up with no results. Let the Spirit of God lead you in the decisions to make. This is what God commanded Joshua in Joshua 1:8 “this Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” Meditating in God’s word will open up your eyes to see how to make the right decisions in every area of your life. It also conditions your heart for the Spirit to give you specific instructions pertaining to the events of your life.

When you take care, you are managing decisions that have been made in life. In taking charge of your life, you drop habits that are destructive, and you begin to cultivate new habits. Begin to cultivate one new habit that will lead you to success a month. Behavioral scientist tell us that if you without fail commit to a decision daily for 21 days that it becomes a habit. In this age we come across information that are good for us, but we ignore them because our negative habitual programming subconsciously shields us from doing what’s needed. This is why you would hear people say “I know I should have  a budget, but I just haven’t gotten around to preparing one yet”. If you acquired a new habit a month you would have learned 12 new habits which will contribute to the equation for success in your life. Bad habits on the other hand need to be starved! This means you must drop the habit and NEVER compromise. Don’t for any reason make an excuse why you need to bend. Say for example you are working on weight loss, and part of the things you have on your regimen is to never eat after 8p. If you have only one meal that day, don’t make an excuse saying “I need another meal today”. You will have to discipline yourself to say no and wait till the next day. What this does is that it communicates to your mind not to attempt to rationalize the bad habit. Unfortunately it takes more than 21 days to break bad habits, it is usually a life time ordeal. But wont you rather overcome a destructive habit for the rest of your life rather than have it destroy you? Who’s in charge again?

If you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, do something to change it. Stop complaining about why your life is not working, but begin to analyze and take deliberate steps in correcting errors. It’s your life and you have a responsibility to make it a great one!


  • Amos Quita

    February 08, 02 2012 01:02:41

    Great post, Moyo! I’m slowly solidifying my new habit of working out 6 days a week. So far so good. As for starving my bad habits, now that’s a different story altogether Lol

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