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The Seed of Purpose

PurposeYou were created with purpose and for a purpose. Along with your purpose is potential (gifts, talents, and abilities) you are supposed to work out in service to your generation. It is through this potential that you are to fulfill your God-given purpose. You were given the potential to cultivate it until it bears fruit, by which you will make an impact in your world of influence. Problems of humanity need to be fixed, and God continually uses men of purpose to bring heaven’s solution to humanity.

I have heard Dr. Myles Munroe say that the richest places upon the face of the earth are the graveyards. The cemetery is a place where there have been millions of destinies laid to rest without the opportunity of expressing the fullness of their God-given potential. It contains the remains of men and women who had books in them that were never written, stories that were never told, music that was never composed, plays that were never dramatized, sermons that were never preached, inventions that were never produced, and the list of unrealized potential goes on.

Certainly life without purpose is tragic because the fulfillment of purpose is the ultimate value of an individual’s life, and time is the currency traded for profit. Without purpose, what account do you make for your time allotment in a day? It is important for you to make good use of your time, because each second that passes by without making an investment in purpose is time wasted and value to humanity lost.

From time to time, I evaluate myself by asking what steps I have taken toward serving humanity and what fruit I have produced as a foretaste of heaven upon the earth. I do this because of the consciousness of purpose. You and I were not created to just exist in life but to make a difference. If I let a day go by without cultivating my gift, I feel a sense of loss. Don’t get me wrong—there is a time to relax, play, and go on vacations, but life is not about that; rather, it should be about preoccupation with purpose. Even the time we spend socializing and relaxing should have its purpose clearly defined in the fulfillment of our overall purpose. Destiny is a journey that originates from purpose, and it must be carefully mapped out to produce good results. All of this sounds good, but how do you discover purpose and begin to walk in it?

Your purpose is a seed. If you study seeds, you will find that a seed contains in itself all that is needed for it to produce a plant. Given the right conditions, it will become a seedling, which, when nurtured, will eventually grow into a plant that will eventually bear fruit. Also, you never know exactly how the plant will look from looking at a seed. For example, we know if an acorn is planted and nurtured, it will turn out to be an oak tree. We don’t know whether it will grow to be sixty feet high or fifty feet high or if it will take seventy years or one hundred years to be fully grown. Likewise, you never know the fullness of what has been placed on the inside of you.

We don’t know the details of the full manifestation of our purpose, but we know that there’s a purpose, and that purpose has a glorious destiny ahead because it is from God, planted in the heart of every man. A seed also contains in itself a tree that brings forth fruit that contains seed of the same kind. This is a divine law of life. Seeds planted will produce fruits. The fruits produced have seeds in themselves, and if they are planted, there will be multiple trees. If this process is continued, eventually the initial seed planted becomes a forest. In the same way, there is a forest of resources within you that the world needs.

Your seed must be placed in the proper environment and diligently nurtured for it to produce fruit that will be a blessing to the world. Like every seed, if your gifts, talents, and abilities are not placed in the proper environment, they will remain dormant. Some seeds have the ability to last for years outside of the proper conditions, yet they will remain as potential plants that never became plants. I recently read the story of two thousand–year-old Judean date palm seeds that were excavated from the site of Herod the Great’s palace in Masada, Israel, between 1963 and 1965. These palm seeds were planted, and they did sprout. Likewise, your purpose never manifests and bears fruits because time has passed but because it has been cultivated and nurtured. Remember Psalm 92:12 says, “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree.” There are certain attributes of the human spirit that God likens to the characteristics of a palm tree, so we can say that the seed of a palm tree can be likened to the seed of purpose within the human spirit.

Remember that your purpose, which is your divinely implanted potential, cannot be invented; rather, it must be discovered. Your occupation in life should be centered on the discovery and nurture of the seed of purpose within you because life is hard and unfulfilling outside of your purpose. Your abilities must be trained and developed, and the fruits of your purpose must be served to your world. I say that the greatest thing that can happen to an individual is for such a person to discover his or her purpose at an early age. Therefore, it is imperative that we pay attention to the potential and qualities that are within.

Be careful not to confuse a professional career with purpose. I trained as a computer engineer in college because I had an interest in that field, but as I worked in the profession, I knew it was going to take work to build a career in this field. Pursuing a career in the computer engineering field, if I was diligent, would have produced good results, but I don’t think I would have been fulfilled. As a matter of fact, I have since learned that your college education is simply a means to an end. Whatever training you received should be used as a stepping stone toward the fulfillment of your purpose. The benefits of discovering your purpose at an early age is that you can then choose a degree program that will be a benefit to the fulfillment of your purpose. Your attraction to a certain line of work because of the professional prestige, income, or perks is not necessarily a pointer to your purpose. The identification of purpose comes from within.

Many times, parents tell their kids, “You can be whatever you want to be in life,” and this happens to be untrue because kids try different things and find out that they really are not capable of doing whatever they try. “You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” (Prov.19:20). In essence, purpose must be prioritized above all other plans. The truth is that you can only be all that God has created you to be in life. A person can choose to be whatever he or she wants to be in life, but he or she won’t be greatly successful at anything unless it is in line with his or her God-given purpose. Applied resources and wisdom in the area of purpose is ultimately what brings success. Because your purpose comes from within, the drive to continue is contained in the discovery of purpose, and  you are able to keep on applying yourself in the area of your calling.

The fulfillment of your purpose is where your greatness in life lies. It is in fulfilling your life’s calling that all of life’s blessings are enjoyed. You may have enjoyed some level of manifestation of goodness and fruitful living, but there is always a greater level you can enjoy when you are living a life of purpose. It is in the place of purpose that you become fruitful. It is in the same place of purpose that you experience multiplied increase in your ability to influence multitudes. It is in walking in purpose that you rise as an entity to be reckoned with because you are a source of restoration and replenishment to what’s missing in the lives of many humans.

If all men had a purpose, does it mean all men will be great? Certainly! There is so much room for development and improvement in life that each person’s unique purpose will be of utmost importance to the advancement of humanity. Remember, the goal in life is to establish heaven upon the earth, and each one of us has a role to play to fulfill this.


  • tcavey

    October 22, 10 2012 04:34:28

    Great post, so many good things in here.

    My father-in-law just past away, it was touching to see how many lives he influenced and how many cared about him at his funeral.

    “You and I were not created to just exist in life but to make a difference.”
    My father-in-law made a difference in so many lives.

    • Moyo Mamora

      October 23, 10 2012 10:23:36

      It’s a joy to hear that he touched lives. It gives life more meaning…God continually strengthen you and your family!

  • Positive Quotes

    December 03, 12 2012 10:59:16

    Wow, that’s great. Thanks for sharing about “The Seed of Purpose.” I really hope more people read this and get what you’re saying, because let me tell you, its important stuff.

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