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How to Think Big

Think Big | Six Steps To Great Achievements

As kids, we dreamt big; we had no concept of limitation. To think big was not a problem, because we believed anything was possible. We believed we could have a hundred billion trillion dollars to buy up all the toys in the world so we could distribute them to the kids who didn’t have toys.

As we got older, we began to learn limitations. The idea of thinking big was gradually lost as the idea of being realistic set in. Parents, uncles, aunties, and other well-meaning people began to teach us about how big the world is, telling stories of billions of sick people who have not been healed and are still suffering from sickness. The idea of travelling to the moon was taught to be impossible. Slowly these authority figures built the concept of impossibilities in our minds. Our failures and our environments began to reinforce these limitations in our minds.

Limitation thinking is “reality thinking”. At the moment you begin to think big and dream big, the voices that have written limitation in your subconscious begin to tell you, ‘be realistic.’ I’ll like to give you the permission to ignore those voices. Why be realistic? Your imaginations represent the creative force of your spirit man and the limitless abilities on the inside of you. It is in thinking big that you are able to tap into the  depth of your true creativity. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves what we consider reality? Is it a fallen system of working for a living while being frustrated and retiring with money that can’t really be enjoyed because you’re too old? Be candid with yourself, are you being realistic or just being limited in your thinking?

I believe as you think big, you discover the true secrets of life. A secret I think many kids actually know: don’t worry, play hard, help people, and be limitless in the imagination of your potential. But as they begin to learn what it means to be realistic, their imagination and creativity is silenced.

I would like to share some things with you that will help you begin to think big once again. For you to think big and set yourself up to achieve great feats, consider the following:

1. Permit yourself to dream again (Think Big).

The reason why most people don’t think big or imagine great things is because over the years of failures, experiences of our own and others, loved ones and nay-sayers reinforce the idea of being “realistic”. These voices have written in our subconscious the desire to be careful and avoid risks. As a result of this, we have given up the right or permission to dream big.  On the flip side, you have the ability to permit yourself to dream big again.
As an exercise, just imagine possibilities for various aspects of your life. Your imagination is free, use it without the fear of running out. Be limitless, imagine ‘what if ‘ about everything about your life. Take the breaks of your imagination. This activity is completely harmless, so don’t be afraid of hurting yourself or anyone around you. As a matter of fact, I once read (although I don’t remember where) that  it is a healthy exercise to spend about fifteen minutes a day dreaming about big (im)possibilities.

2. Write down your dreams

After the exercise of imagining big thinks, take the bold step of writing them down. There is power in writing down our thoughts, ideas, and imaginations. It makes it more apparent. After you imagine what it would be like to write a $10 million check, write one out to yourself. Writing things down makes your dreams more definite. The act of writing is like taking something from the intangible to the tangible realm. If these dreams just remain in your imagination, then they will fade away as lofty ideas. Writing your dreams, big thoughts and aspirations is your first step to achieving them.  As you think big and write these dreams down, be careful not to let “reality” set in.

3. Outline what is needed to make these things a reality

This step actually requires a lot of courage, because people tend to feel like they do not have what it takes to make their dreams a reality, and because of this they shrink back. The emotions of past failures are ignited and then the lizard brain kicks in a bid to protect you. But I have found that people who think big and achieve great things are courageous people.Courage is the ability to act in spite of fear. You are going to have to face the reality of your current situation and still say “It is possible…I am able to accomplish this”. You may still feel you are being unreasonable and unrealistic as you do this, but at least you have set your heart and your resolve to accomplish the task.
Don’t be vague as you write what’s needed. Don’t say something like “a miracle”. Even though that may be true, but carefully think about what needs to go in to make this dream a reality. The fact that you were able to imagine it and write it down sends a message to your subconscious (or inner-man) to find a way to achieve it. Go in search of the “know how” to achieve greatness. There is a wealth of knowledge that is easily available to us. Just by typing a key phrase into Google, there is so much information that is brought up. Don’t pay attention to anything that contradicts the fulfillment of your dream, rather look for information and knowledge that reinforces the possibility by telling you how. If it has never been done before, your inner-man will lead you to relevant knowledge that will be of help to you.

4. Believe in the possibility of your dream

I remember when I went to Dubai last month, I got to see the breath taking Burj Khalifa, which currently happens to be the tallest building in the world. It is almost 1.5 times the height of the Willis (former Sears) tower in Chicago. Towering at about 2700 ft high. Written at the entrance to the towers were these words by the visionary, the Sheikh of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: “there is no impossibility in the leaders’ dictionaries. No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.” He is a big dreamer that didn’t let “reality” interfere with his permission to think big.
Apparently many people had thought the project to be impossible, and too risky an engineering project to undertake, but the wonders of the structure are imensely amazing. He believed in the possibility of having the tallest building in the world. This belief was so strong in him that he eventually attracted the resources and the technological know how to make this dream a reality. Even more chagrin to the mind is the fact that this monumental structure was built from foundation to antenna top in about five years.
One cannot overstate the power of belief. Jesus taught that to the person who believes, all things are possible (Mark 9:23). As you think big, you are going to convince yourself by repeated affirmations and images of success that your own dream is possible. You must realize that believing is a choice; it doesn’t just happen. You will have to make a decision by your own will and resolve to believe that it is possible. Go back to read the quote by the sheikh and ponder it carefully.

5. Set milestones

At this point, there should be a stronger impression in you of the possibility of what you once imagined as impossible. However there is a journey towards fulfilling it. After you have clearly identified what is needed to achieve the ultimate goal, break it up into milestones. These are small steps that you can take towards your destination. This is important because you are able to set your eyes on a forward target and work towards it, and with each accomplishment you are reinforcing within yourself the possibility of your dreams.
Another way to think about it; if you were installing a HUGE software on your computer and it is estimated depending on the speed of your system that the install may take anywhere from two to four hours. It is probably a good idea for you to see some kind of progress bar. Because without a progress bar, you would probably think your system hung. You will freak out. You wont be able to plan the rest of your time because you’re not sure when the next action screen will come up. It’s the same thing when you think big. Your milestones are like your progress reports.
Make these milestones definite, specify when they are to be completed, and specify what you need to complete them. Human beings are goal oriented organisms. This means that we function better and most efficiently when there is a clear and definite goal in sight.

6. Review your goals and affirm them daily

There is something powerful about keeping your goals in front of you. A target you can see is MUCH easier to hit than one you cannot see. It’s not just enough to think big, you must make sure what you imagine does  not fade in your heart. The best way to keep the image strong and have the target clearly before you is by reviewing it daily. The next step is to affirm them daily. Declare that you see yourself haven achieved your milestones and fulfilling your dreams.

Don’t put it into the future, make your affirmations in the present tense. Say something like “I am excited about paying $10 million dollars into my account”. To make your affirmations futuristic just subconsciously sets the goal further ahead of you.

Think big, imagine great things, and set yourself up for great achievements. If you’re not yet convinced, listen to this podcast by Michael Hyatt and I would suggest you read Think Big by Ben Carson


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