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Thriving At Work

thriving at workThese  days most people feel like they work only because they have to. Having this mindset only limits you in your ability to function optimally at work. Ideally, the work that you do should be an opportunity for you to express and release your potential.  I believe there are two important factors in thriving effectively at work, and they are having the right attitude and the relationships we keep.

Work is really like a second home. Let that thought really sink in for a moment. Most people spend at least a third of the twenty-four hours available to them in a day at work. That is a significant portion of your life. In light of this, you must strive to create an atmosphere that will enable you perform optimally and release the fullness of the potential within you, so you can be effective in fulfillment of your purpose.

The first thing you need to do is make an adjustment to your attitude. Your work should build you up rather than tear you down. The work you do will only build you up when you realize its benefit. Your attitude should be to see your work as a training ground. You’re not doing it merely as a duty, but you recognize that there is a seed of destiny within you that requires certain skill set. As you work you begin to understand your strengths and your weakness. It’s up to you to identify those skills that have a part to play in the fulfillment of your purpose, and develop yourself around those strengths.

Every challenge you face while doing your work, is an opportunity for you to exercise your skills and develop. Rather than capitulate under the pressure of the circumstance being faced, you ought to recognize the opportunity for growth. This perspective helps in seeing God as the one who has committed you to work. He planted purpose in your heart.

You need to make sure you are working in an area that fosters personal growth. This may mean you have to change jobs. You are probably thinking, ‘I need to pay bills’. It’s most important to pursue purpose rather than pursuing money. Successful people are those who have been fortunate enough to preoccupy themselves with activities that relate to the fulfillment of their purpose.

In the area of relationships at work, you must ensure that you strive to connect with people who will sharpen you up. You must avoid toxic people at all cost. You need not be around people who see the negativity in every situation. You want to associate with people who have a vision for the future, and are committed to reaching it. It is these kinds of people that will constantly challenge you to do more and go the extra mile.

You have a responsibility to treat everyone around you with love. This to honor and respect them as an individual. Your love, care, concern and respect for them is a demonstration of your love. Love seeks to be a source of empowerment to others. You are not looking for what you can get from them, but what you can give to aid them in being more fulfilled.

In line with this, you must learn to treat everyone you encounter with honor and dignity. If you work in a service industry, part of your developmental tasks must be to build relationship with your customers. Your customers are  the driving force of your business, and companies as the Private Sector Umbrella company really help managing your business finances and maintaining a healthy organization in your revenues profiles. They represent the ‘why’ for what you do. Dale Carnegie said, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

Let your interactions with people around you be one that is unforgettable for them. Remember, your place of work is your second home. You must learn to have the right attitude and build the right relationships. Like a seed planted needs the right environment to grow, so also does the seed of destiny within you requires the right environment to find expression. Given the amount of time you spend at your place of work, as much as it depends on you, make it an environment in which you can thrive as you move towards fulfilling your purpose.



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  • Quincy Baldwin

    April 25, 04 2013 04:11:18

    To be truly successful, the key qualifier of any purpose or strategy must be love. When your mind is infused and influenced by love, it can implement through love a line of action on multiple dimensions which will best fulfill a higher purpose. Love is a vision of the highest potential of every being you are in relationship with, and love provides the energy to help you support the unfolding of that potential in all you contact. It is the harmonizer of relationships, the magnetizer of appropriate resources, and the flowing energy which brings together the purpose, the need it is intended to meet, and the resources to meet that need. If your purpose is to form a group such as a healing or educational group, love is what will bring together the people, resources and ideas needed for the group to be a success.

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