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BN: Turn Your Hopes & Dreams Into Reality

I wrote a guest post on fulfilling purpose, particularly on How To Turn Your Hopes and Dreams Into Reality, on a top Nigerian site, Bella Naija.

The future belongs to those who can see it, and believe in its possibilities. As humans, we have the unique ability to dream and create the future with our imagination. This ability if well understood and properly worked, inspires us and can drive us into action that will lead us to this future. Some people on the other hand have stopped dreaming, either because of negative experiences or because of  people they have encountered in life.

In the post I challenge you to dream again. Success is a summary of choices and habits we have formed. Many people try to change everything about their life all at once, and it is a daunting task. Start with little things. Form some foundational habits and build on those as they become second nature to you.

In this guest post on Bella Naija, I share tips that could help you turn those dreams into reality:

1. Continue to dream and believe . What the mind cannot visualize, it cannot attain to.

2.Consciously regulate your information sources. Your results in life are a product of the

3. Practice what you learn. There’s a saying, practice makes perfect. Not fully true. Better said, good practice makes perfect.

4. Be consistent. A stone cutter hammers away at a rock one hundred times before the stone breaks, but he knows that it was not the one hundredth blow that broke the stone, but every single one.

5. Track your progress. What you measure tends to grow automatically.

My mission is to challenge you to exceed higher goals. The final challenge was for you to think five years from now, one thing is guaranteed, five years of your life would have elapsed. What would be different? Will your what ifs be what is by then?

Read the post, share it, and let me know your thoughts!


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