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What Are You Expecting?

hopeAs rational and intentional beings, we have the ability to gather information from the world around us, interpret it as we choose, and make a determination for a course of action. The human mind has the ability to do this. One other great function of the human mind is the ability to imagine and cast a vision for life, which contributes in offering limitless possibilities to an individual.

We as humans have a spirit- an immaterial part of us- that is able to interact on a higher level than what we see and experience in this material world. It is in the spirit man that God places the full DNA of a person’s destiny. All the resources needed to live your highest and best life is in the spirit man of an individual. A big part of spiritual development is in the ability to detect the needs in the world around you and reach deep within you to bring out the solutions that you have been created to solve.

George Bernard Shaw said, “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get ahead are those who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, they make them.” Our lives turn out to be a product of our expectations. A person in a “bad circumstance” receives stimuli on how ‘bad’ things are and has a choice to interpret, process and act in accordance with the information, or he can imagine a different scenario, cast a vision for the outcome of the situation he faces and act accordingly. This is exactly what George Bernard Shaw is referring to.

A person who intends to live a higher life will not be conformed to the dictates of circumstances but would reach deep within them to find solutions. Get inspiration, cast a vision for the future and set new expectations for his or her life. What are you expecting? Do you see your life as hopeless or do you see your life as one filled with opportunities for growth and impact? With our imagination we can create new expectations for ourselves and for the world around us.

This is not just a game of ‘imagine it and you would become it’, there are many day dreamers who live with lofty ideals but achieve nothing. But the power in expectation and vision is always followed with a corresponding action. If an important guest you admire and trust told you that he would be visiting you for dinner, because of your expectation you would put your house in order, and make necessary arrangements for the hospitality of your special guest.

When we by the power of our imagination begin to create different expectations for our lives, we must fill our actions with faith. Believing and acting in a manner that suggests that what we expect will become our reality. We set ourselves on the course of breakthrough and success in life. A farmer has an expectation when he stands before a fertile field. He plants seed in the ground, cultivates it and expects a harvest of crop.

We also are like farmers. Our hearts and minds are our open and fertile field. The words we speak, actions we take, books we read, people we interact with are our seeds to be planted, but we must first have an expectation of the harvest we desire so we know the seeds to plant and what we need to do to cultivate them.

Again I ask, what are you expecting? Can you imagine it? If you can answer these questions, then you must be ready to do all you can to make your vision a reality, your circumstances not withstanding. Choose to lead a higher life that does not simply react to the circumstances of this world. Recognize that God has planted deep within your heart all that is required for your own success, and through prayer and meditation you can access the grace and strength you need to be a success in life!



  • Christopher James

    December 08, 12 2013 01:53:11

    I don’t set high expectations to avoid disappointments. But I have high hopes.

    • Moyo Mamora

      January 09, 01 2014 08:21:43

      Hi Christopher…thanks for stopping by the site. How do you define expectations versus hope?

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