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What to do when you are not motivated

One of the greatest things that keeps us working towards our goals is momentum.  We would all agree that it is easier to steer a moving ship than one that’s stationary. Likewise in our personal lives or business, it is easier to make adjustments and keep reaching towards our goals when we are in motion. However, even the most driven of us tend to have moments in which we slow down and feel unmotivated. You and I know that is very challenging to get back into motion once you stop. It requires more effort to set oneself into motion from a stationary point. But this is nothing to worry about because there are a few things that can be done to jump start the process of reaching towards our goals and being in motion again. Agreed, it will take some effort, but with a few “baby steps”, you’ll start walking again, and eventually you’ll be on your feet running.Woman Not Motivated

1. Focus

I find that many times it is hard to be motivated when there are so many things going on around you. It is much easier to run towards a target you can clearly see, rather than aiming at five different targets at once. A laser is so powerful and able to cut metals and hard substances because of its concentrated and focused energy. Likewise, you will be able to do more if you drop some of the unnecessary extras that you have going on. Sometimes it is best to step back from your situation and observe it objectively; prioritize your different goals and focus on one or two. The rest you can put on hold until you have resolved the most important one(s)

2. Find inspiration

If there is a task that you need to accomplish, it is important that you start each day of with something inspiring you towards accomplishing your goal. Look for success stories, look for information/revelation that will give you insight on how to accomplish the task that is before you. Spend time in prayer and in meditating. Whenever I am lacking in motivation, I like to first read a few promises from the Bible on what I need to accomplish, and I pray those Scriptures back to God. I find that as I do this, I am motivated, and I get inspiration to keep me going.

3. Keep your goal always in front of you

This is a very very important step. A clear target is much easier to hit than a vague target. When you have an image of your goal written and posted  at strategic places in your home or office, it continuously sends a message deep within you. As human beings we are goal oriented/achieving organisms. Once the goal is clear on your mind, the motivation to act will come, and subconsciously you are moved towards attaining to what it is.

4. Take little steps

Sometimes the task at hand is so daunting that it then becomes demotivating as you think about accomplishing it. But there is the saying that you eat an elephant one bite at a time, same is true here. You need to look for simple steps that you can take that will move you closer each day to your goal. As you make progress you’ll find that your pace towards your goal increases because of an increase in motivation. Never at any point in time be stagnant. Always make sure there is an action that you have taken that moves you one step closer to achieving your goal.

5. Capitalize on moments of inspiration bursts

There are times when your creative juices all of a sudden begin to flow and all sorts of ideas come to your mind on how you can hit your targets. The wise thing to do in these moments is to act. Take action immediately. Write these ideas down, break them down into plans and immediately act on them. These bursts of motivation usually come unannounced which is why #4 is very important. At least if you were taking a step and the burst of inspiration comes, you’ll already be in motion.

6. Get knowledge

Many times, increased knowledge on a subject matter alleviates the concerns of failure. If you spend one hour a day accumulating information on what you need to do you’ll find that you will be motivated each day to do something that you have learned. It’s important that you act on what you’ve learned because it’s not knowledge that’s power, it is applied knowledge that is power. It’s not just enough to know “truth”, it is the truth that you apply that makes you free.

7. Be diligent

The dictionary describes diligence as, “Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking; steady effort; assiduity”. Motivation can be overrated. Sometimes we just need to plan to act irrespective of how we act. As we apply ourselves earnestly to the undertaking, we are already in motion, and persistent application of oneself builds momentum. So one of the antidotes to lack of motivation is to act.

Now you have a few things that can get you moving. What are some of the other things that you have done to get you motivated? Thoughts? Comments? Link to this post 😀


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